The Clone Wars

Malastare was a planet in the galaxy's Mid Rim that home to the quadrupedal Dugs. The planet was renowned for its fuel resources found in its methane lakes as well as its deep forests and deserts. Located on the Hydian Way, a vital hyperspace trade lane, Malastare became an important world for galactic trade. The high gravity environment was home to the Dugs and the fearsome Zillo Beasts.


During the Clone Wars the planet was invaded by a massive Separatist droid army and was the venue for the Battle of Malastare.

The battle saw the use of a new Republic superweapon, the electro-proton bomb, which was designed to annihilate the droid army with a gigantic electromagnetic power surge and all though the weapon succeeded in destroying the droids it also had another negative consequence, the release of a gargantuan and ancient Zillo Beast. The Beast was only taken down after Republic Commanders and Jedi were able to immobilize the creature using Stun Tanks.


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