The Clone Wars
The Clone Wars
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"Are we clear? Good! That's what I like—no questions."
―Colonel Gascon, to D-Squad[src]

Meebur Gascon was a male Zilkin colonel of a diminutive species who served the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars. He commanded D-squad to infiltrate a Separatist dreadnought and steal an encryption module.


Battle of Geonosis

"He has been with us since the Battle of Geonosis, Colonel Meebur Gascon."
―Meebur Gascon's entry by Mace Windu[src]

During the First Battle of Geonosis, Meebur Gascon served as battle tactician who would examine maps of the battleground.

Secret Weapons

In 20 BBY, Meebur was to join D-Squad on secretly infiltrating a Separatist Dreadnought to steal an encryption module. Once he was called into the briefing room by Mace Windu, he quickly met the droids and they would soon go to an unidentified droid "enhancement" room. After the droids were modified—all except for WAC-47 who acted as a pilot—they boarded a captured CIS shuttle and departed from Coruscant. WAC-47, the pilot of the shuttle foolishly flew the shuttle into the dreadnought's tractor beam when an organized plan was intended to be made by Meebur first. The shuttle was boarded by confederate droids and all of D-Squad was taken into interrogation. Fortunately, once out of sight they were able to disable their escort and continue with the ongoing mission.

Colonel Gascon soon allowed WAC-47 to distract nearby B2 battle droids while the rest of D-Squad passed through the corridor with WAC following after locking the droids in a room. Once they found the Comm Vault, Meebur would order M5-BZ to open the locked door by force but in the process of doing so, BZ was disabled from the impact. R2-D2 opened the vault door himself and they were able to pass the swarm mines scattered around the area. At the bridge of the dreadnought, suspicion was raised with the security breach and the super tactical droid, Aut-O would then attempt to stop the intruders himself. The tactical droid confronted them but before he was able to disable D-Squad, R2 disabled the gravity in the room.

Once the tactical droid attempted to kill Meebur with his own hands, WAC quickly turned back the gravity leading everyone to fall back down. Aut-O attempted to kill Gascon again but the droid was soon beheaded by R2-D2. The tactical droid's destruction led to the entire dreadnought to be alerted to the intruders' presence but D-Squad is able to move fast enough with the encryption module. After leaving the Comm Vault, Meebur passes M5-BZ intending to leave the fried droid behind but D-Squad convinced him to have M5 to come along to be repaired on the ship.