Mina Bonteri was a Senator of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Mina had been a friend to Padmé Amidala, serving as her mentor on Naboo. Padmé missed her friend dearly, but contact between the Separatist and Republic governments was nonexistent during the Clone Wars. Nonetheless, Padmé secretly voyaged to Raxus, where she helped write a peace accord with Mina. Bonteri proposed the peace overture to the Separatist government, finding a fair amount of support. However the corporate barons secretly profiting from the war did not agree. Mina died under mysterious circumstances, and was listed officially as being killed by the Republic, and her peace effort died with her.


Peace Treaty

Since the beginning of the Clone Wars, Bonteri wanted peace between the Republic and the Separatists. Mina herself was once part of the Republic, but disagreed later on and escaped from Coruscant. The Bonteri family then moved to Raxus where she lived with her son, and she became an important member of the Separatist Congress. As a member of the Separatist Parliament Mina lobbied for votes on Peace Treaties, and one worked, but it was a bomb that blew up the undergoings of the Republic on Coruscant.


Mina Bonteri was supposedly killed by the Republic, but because of her Peace Treaty with the Separatists and the Republic and that she died under mysterious circumstances some like her son Lux believed that this was not the case. Republic spies would eventually figure out that Mina was in fact killed by Dooku's agents.


After Mina's death, her son, Lux, vowed to kill Dooku for what he had done to his mother by seeking the help of the Mandalorian terrorist group known as the Death Watch.


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