The Clone Wars

"You were right, Skywalker. I am a slave, just as you are…."
―Miraj Scintel, to Anakin Skywalker as she dies[src]

Miraj Scintel was a Zygerrian Queen during the Clone Wars.


"Slavery is the natural order of things. The weak deserve nothing more than to kneel before the strong, bound to our service."
Queen Miraj Scintel[src]

Miraj Scintel was the Queen of the Zygerrian Slave Empire during the Clone Wars period. Although it is not revealed as to how she assumed this position, it is clear that Miraj was an ambitious and determined leader who wished to see her people's empire returned to its former glory. This opportunity came when the Zygerrians made contact and later allied with the CIS. After Count Dooku and Darts D'Nar imprisoned the colonists of Kiros, she planned to sell the Togruta artisans at auction to gain favor with Count Dooku and the Separatist Alliance. Having appropriated a slave ship and an invitation to the auction from a Zygerrian slaver, Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ahsoka Tano, and clone trooper Captain Rex infiltrated the auction. This operation involved Anakin posing as a slave trader named Lars Quell while the others looked for the Togrutan colonists. Anakin quickly attracted Miraj's interest with his boldness and rather disrespectful behavior towards her and rescuing her from the assassination attempt by a young slave girl.

After arranging a successful sale of slaves which saw Obi-Wan outed as a Jedi and taken off-world, Miraj had Anakin made her servant. Scintel saw the opportunity to enslave a Jedi as a chance to display the power of the Zygerrian Empire's newfound determination and will, that by showing that even a Jedi could be made a slave, she would show the Republic that it would soon fall. However, after learning that Scintel had not executed Skywalker as Count Dooku had originally instructed, the Count immediately traveled to Zygerria to ensure Anakin's death. When Dooku arrived and met with the Queen, she refused to accept his directive, which prompted Darth Tyrannus to reveal that he had planned to assist Atai Molec, Scintel's prime minister, her throne in the event of her disobedience. Enraged, Miraj drew her shock whip from her belt and attempted to attack Dooku and Molec but was quickly incapacitated by the Count's force choke, which eventually led to her death shortly after that. Before she draws her final breath, Miraj told Anakin that he was right, that she was indeed nothing more than a slave herself.


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