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The Mon Calamari, or simply the Calamari, were native inhabitants of the planet Dac, also known as Mon Calamari, a planet they shared with the more aggressive Quarren. A naturally amphibious species, the Calamari can survive both underwater and on land being comfortable in both environments. The Mon Calamari are one of the most easily recognizable species in the galaxy because of their salmon colored skin, large fish like eyes, webbed hands and feet. Males have tendril or barbel like extensions extending from their faces distinguishing them from their females. As long time members of the Republic the Mon Calamari are noted for both their peaceful nature and artistic talent as well as their fierce fighting spirit. In fact this species is thought of as being some of the greatest starship designers in the galaxy.


The Mon Calamari organized the Dac into a representative democratic state governed by both a Council of both Calamari and Quarren. In addition during the Clone Wars period the Calamari had a king who ruled the planet Dac creating a kind of planetary constitutional monarchy. After the assassination of the 82nd king of Dac, Yos Kolina, his son Lee-Char would ascend to throne in the aftermath of the Second Battle of Mon Calamari.

Influenced by off world Separatist interests the native Quarren would also form a kind of separate government known as the Quarren Isolation League which would launch a rebellion against the Republic supported Calamari Council. This movement was later dissolved after the Separatist defeat.


The Mon Calamari had their own planetary military force in the Mon Calamari Knights also known as the Mon Calamari Guard who answered directly to the king. All the Calamari defense forces would employ the spear blasters as their primary weapons.

Notable Mon Calamari


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