The Clone Wars

Nemec was a Clone Trooper who was part of the Clone Underground created by Captain Rex in the early years of the Galactic Empire. Nemec, along with fellow clones Echo, Fireball, and Gregor, participated in a rescue mission aboard an Imperial freighter. Fireball freed the three clone prisoners, Captain Howzer among them, while Nemec and Echo took the bridge.

They stunned all Stormtroopers and Clone Commandos on the bridge and took the captain hostage. When Echo found they had almost completely wiped the ship's databanks, Nemec suggested they get the information out of the captain himself, only for the captain to take his own life with a suicide shocker in his teeth. Though Echo tried to recover what data he could, Imperial reinforcements arrived and Nemec convinced him they had to go.

Nemec was later killed on Teth by a Clone Assassin sent to destroy their base of operations. The rest of the clones with hin, including Rex, Howzer, and Clone Force 99 were saved by Crosshair, who fought off the assassin in hand-to-hand combat. The surviving clones then escaped Teth aboard the Remora after being spared by Clone Commander Wolffe, who then ordered Imperial forces to recover the fallen clones.


The Bad Batch[]