The Clone Wars
Nu-class Attack Shuttle
Nu-class attack shuttle
Manufacturer: Cygnus Spaceworks
Class: Shuttle
Technical Information
Length: 18.9 meters
  • 2 dual forward mounted laser canons
  • 2 dual light laser cannons

The Nu-class attack shuttle was an armored shuttlecraft used by the Grand Army of the Republic throughout the Clone Wars. The design was intended to be a supplement to the LAAT series of gunships used to ferry troops and lead attacks on enemy targets and the Nu-class served in a similar role. The shuttle featured heavy armor and shielding but did not include the same variety of armaments used in the Republic Gunships.


Nu-Class shuttles used a pair of forward mounted medium laser cannons. In addition, to these weapon a pair of light laser cannons were utilized as well.


Nu-class shuttle landed

Nu-Class Shuttle in landing configuration

This line of shuttle was piloted by two individuals, one to fly the ship and another to serve as a gunner. In addition a maximum of thirty clone soldiers could be ferried by this ship.


A Nu-class shuttle ferried Ahsoka Tano to Christophsis to meet her new master, Anakin Skywalker, for the first time. Commander Cody and Captain Rex flew a shuttle of this design on their inspection tour of Republic military outposts which included the Rishi moon listening outpost.

Nahdar Vebb arrived to rendezvous with Jedi Master Kit Fisto during the search for the escaped Separatist leader Nute Gunray that led the two Jedi and a team of clones into General Grievous' lair. A Nu-class Attack Shuttle used a tractor beam to recover Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker's escape pod after he rammed the Star Destroyer Defender into the flagship, Procurer, breaking the Separatist blockade above Ryloth.


A Rho-class medical shuttle departs from Ringo Vinda.

A similar model to the Nu-class was the Rho-class transport shuttle, outfitted with cargo modules attached to the ship's hull, allowing them to serve as supply ships. These modules could house a large amount of cargo and were connected to the main shuttle via turbolift, like the one D-Squad utilized in their escape from the planet Abafar. Others could act as medical transports to evacuate wounded clones from the field. One such shuttle was to deliver a stricken Clone Trooper Tup during the battle of Ringo Vinda, but fell under Separatist attack.


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