The Clone Wars
Octuptarra tri droid
"Rex, we've got to take out these walkers. I'll take one, you take the other."
"Don't worry, General. The boys and I can handle it. Hunter, Wrecker, you're with me."
―Anakin Skywalker and Rex[src]

The Octuptarra Tri-droid, or simply the octuptarra or Tri-droid, was a powerful Separatist walker. It was a large, tripedal droid with three rotating eyes, each with a laser cannon, mounted on a spherical head. Certain models, such as the ones used to guard the city of Purkoll on Skako Minor, were equipped with rocket thrusters for flight.

They had virtually no blind spots due to their omnidirectional field of vision, making them deadly at any distance. Their heavily armored heads were nearly impervious to small arms fire and typically could only be destroyed by a cannon. They were, however, easily toppled if one of their legs was severed. This weakness was exploited by Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and his Clone Troopers on several occasions.


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