The Clone Wars
The Clone Wars
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Omega was a young human female clone who knew each member of Clone Force 99.



Omega was an enhanced clone who worked as a medical assistant to the Kaminoan Nala Se. Although she stayed on the extragalactic planet Kamino in the star system of the same name, she knew of each member of Clone Force 99, later meeting them on the planet after they returned from the Conquest of Kaller. Omega was curious about the squad's activities and sat with them in the mess hall, which Tech noted was something that had never happened before. When another clone trooper made a passing remark about the "Sad Batch," Omega threw food at the clone. Hunter, the group's leader, de-escalated the situation, but Wrecker threw an entire tray of food at the clone and started a brawl. Omega later tried to claim responsibility for the incident when the Bad Batch were called in for punishment, but Hunter refused, giving her the warning to stay away from their squad to avoid getting herself in trouble.

When the Bad Batch took a mission to Onderon, Omega and her droid companion AZI-3 entered the squad's quarters. Omega looked around in awe at their gear but was eventually discovered by a force of clone shock troopers who had come to confiscate the squad's gear. She was incarcerated and held in a newly constructed holding cell along with The Bad Batch, who was imprisoned following their refusal to act on Admiral Tarkin's orders to take out Saw Gerrera's rebel cell on Onderon.

Omega was instrumental in the group's escape, sneaking out to deactivate the ray shield after Wrecker damaged a wall panel to allow her to sneak out. The troopers eventually noticed that she was missing from the cell, but she then dropped down on them from the ceiling, recovering quickly to deactivate the ray shield and free her new companions. As the group planned their next move, she told Hunter that their gear was likely in the hangar with the rest of their equipment. After the force geared up, one of their own, Crosshair, who had just been outfitted with new armor and had his inhibitor chip effects magnified, came to stop his former companions from leaving. After a fight that involved Omega using a blaster for the first time and incapacitating Crosshair's weapon, the group escaped on the Bad Batch's ship, the Havoc Marauder.

As the group discussed their next move, Omega gave Wrecker his Tooka doll that she had rescued during the battle, which greatly pleased him. She then made her way to the cockpit to look out at space for the first time. Eventually, the others moved to the cockpit as well, where Hunter let her sit, telling her to strap in as they made the jump to hyperspace to travel to the Suolriep sector.

Cut and Run

The Havoc Marauder landed a short distance away from Cut Lawquane's plantation, and the Bad Batch began to walk towards their homestead. When Omega walked out into the sun, she was in awe, having never experienced any environment besides the perpetual rain of Kamino. She was fascinated with her surroundings, scooping some up dirt in her hand and laughing. As the group marched on, Omega took in her surroundings, observing plants and butterflies. When they reached the home, Hunter introduced Omega to Cut, his wife Suu, and his adopted children Shaeeah and Jek, who took her outside to play while the others talked inside.

Shaeeah and Jek taught Omega to play catch, but when Omega accidentally threw the ball beyond the fence, the two children told her to get it later and went inside to pack, as the family was looking to leave Saleucami because of the Imperial presence. However, Omega decided to retrieve the ball anyway, at which point she drew the attention of the predatory nexu. Hunter and Suu came out to rescue her, chasing off the creature. When Hunter began to scold her for being irresponsible, Cut stepped in. As Omega apologized, Cut hugged her and brought her back inside. Eventually, Omega sat in the cockpit of the Havoc Marauder in sadness as Echo and Tech worked on forging chain codes for the Lawquanes so they could leave Saleucami in safety.

When Tech communicated to Hunter about his plan to intentionally get their ship impounded to get inside the complex, Hunter was angry, but Omega approved the plan. Although Tech did not plan for Omega to be on board when they were impounded, they stayed together in the ship while Echo snuck in and stole chain codes for Tech to forge. When clone forces amassed near the ship, preventing Echo or Tech from passing the codes to Hunter, Wrecker, and the family, who had entered the spaceport and planned to pick them up before boarding the last shuttle, Omega grabbed the codes and snuck out herself to deliver them, succeeding in bringing them to the group.

However, when Omega noted that Tech had made an extra one, Hunter pulled her aside and told her that she would be going along with the family, as they could give her a life that he and his squad could not. Omega said that she wanted to stay with them, but Hunter told her it was for her good before rendezvousing with the rest of the Bad Batch, who had been discovered and were battling clone troopers. Omega went along through the gate with Cut and his family in sorrow but eventually decided to disobey Hunter and return to the ship. She made it back on board as the squad escaped and later approached Hunter to apologize but also to reaffirm her desire to be among them, to which Hunter replied that if it were what she wanted, then they would be glad to have her even if he still had much to learn about taking care of her.


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