The Clone Wars
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The Onderon arc is the first arc of the fifth season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. It is the twenty-eighth arc of the series overall. It consists of four episodes. It debuted with "A War on Two Fronts" on October 6, 2012 on Cartoon Network, and concluded with "Tipping Points" on October 27, 2012.


S5 E2

5.02 | October 6, 2012
Anakin, Obi-Wan, Ahsoka and Rex travel to Onderon, a world under Separatist control. There, they will train a group of insurgent rebels -- including Lux Bonteri -- to help take back the capital city of Iziz from the rule of a duplicitous king.

S5 E3

5.03 | October 13, 2012
Supervised by Ahsoka, the Onderon rebels infiltrate the capital and carry out a series of strikes on targets throughout the city. As the Separatist-aligned king comes under increasing pressure to deal with the growing rebellion, the rebels choose a new leader.

S5 E4

5.04 | October 20, 2012
After a rebel attempt to rescue Onderon's true king, Ramsis Dendup, an unexpected ally steps forward to halt Dendup's execution and aid the rebel cause.

S5 E5

5.05 | October 27, 2012
As a full-scale revolt embroils Onderon, the rebels strike a decisive blow against the planet's Separatist-aligned king. Unfortunately for the rebels, such victory comes at a high price.