The Clone Wars

Orphne was a female Sollux who resided in the Underworld of Aleen during the Clone Wars.

Mercy Mission[]

Because Orphne resided in the Underworld, the air above was toxic to her, and so a seal separated the Underworld from the surface. However, the seal had opened by, as Orphne accused, the Aleena's, and in retaliation, her neighbors, the tree-like Kindalo, who also avoided the surface air, caused massive ground quakes that killed many Aleenas. After C-3PO  and R2-D2  landed in the Underworld due to one of the ground quakes, Orphne followed them in the form of sparkling dust, scaring C-3PO into thinking he was under attack. The duo then ran into the Kindalo, who, after learning that C-3PO and R2 were there as friends, directed them to Orphne, who they claimed would help them escape the Underworld. When they arrived at a large circular chamber, it was revealed that she had been following them in the form of purple and white sparkles, which at the time were Orphne's natural form. She then attempted to eat C-3PO but failed, so she explained that the Aleena and under-dwellers had made a covenant to separate the above and below ground so that neither would have to breathe the poisonous air of the other. But somehow, the opening to the Underworld was breached, and the under-dwellers then caused the earthquakes to try and shut the opening. She then left, but not without giving them a riddle, which both the droids tried to solve, but R2 did so first, the answer being a river, and R2 then sprayed water on the water elemental symbol surrounding the room, which caused a pushup of water to force the droids out the opening, which they then shut to seal the breach.