The Clone Wars

"Oz is down."
"So is Ringo."
―Clone troopers reporting after the landmine explosion[src]

Oz was a clone trooper who served in Torrent Company of the 501st Legion and fought at the Battle of Umbara.


Darkness on Umbara[]

Led by Anakin Skywalker, Oz was one of the troopers that participated in the Battle of Umbara. When the gunships reached the surface and started the attack, Oz deployed with the rest of his fellow troops against the Umbaran militia. When the first wave was over, Skywalker and troops rested at their staging area, but Umbarans launched a surprise attack by sending in an assassin droid to create a diversion while the rest of the troops moved in, forcing them off the ridge. Once at a safe distance, Y-wings led by Odd Ball came and bombarded the ridge.

Shortly after, Pong Krell arrived at their new staging area, informing Skywalker he had to return to Coruscant at the request of the Supreme Chancellor. After Skywalker left, Krell expressed much hostility towards his men and altered the original plan to take the Umbaran capital city, ordering the men, Oz included, to march down the main road. While patrolling the main road to the city, he and Ringo died when they stepped on a land mine.


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