The Clone Wars
The Clone Wars

Padmé Amidala was the Senator of the planet of Naboo in the Clone Wars. Once the Queen of Naboo, Padmé played an active role in the Republic helping with a large variety of affairs during the war. Amidala was also the wife of Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker. Their marriage was not publicly known and had to be kept secret since Jedi were not allowed to marry. As a fierce advocate for peace and diplomacy, the senator had many debates and clashes with factions in the Republic that sought to expand the conflict as opposed to ending the war all together.


Star Wars: The Clone Wars film

"Padmé: Count Dooku. So, the poisonous traitor rears his ugly head once again.
Dooku: I am equally delighted to re-make your acquaintance, Senator... Amidala isn't it?"
―Padmé and Dooku[src]

The arrest of Ziro the Hutt.

In 22 BBY, some unknown attackers kidnapped the Jabba the Hutt's son, Rotta. In an attempt to gain access to valuable routes he controlled, the Republic launched a mission to find him back and win Jabba's good side. When Padmé received word that the Republic was being blamed for Jabba's son's disappearance and was planning to kill him, she offered to help. She went and talked with Chancellor Palpatine who tried to convince her to not, but failed; she left to talk to Ziro the Hutt.

Padmé left to Ziro's palace and talked to him, only to be rejected and sent away. Thinking more was happening, she spied on him, but was caught. Before she was arrested, she found Ziro contacting Count Dooku, and he was conspiring with Ziro to kidnap Rotta. She contacted C-3PO on her comlink and alerted him of her trouble. A battle droid crushed it and arrested her.

Padmé was imprisoned and watched Ziro talk with Dooku via hologram. Padmé could not believe that Ziro was going to imprison her, so she tried to talk him out of it, but to no avail. Before execution, a noise sounded in the distance. Suddenly, a group of soldiers emerged from the confusion led by Commander Fox. They defeated Ziro's forces, arrested Ziro, and let Padmé go. Padmé then contacted Jabba and let him know that it was Ziro who conspired against him, not the Republic. Jabba forgave the Jedi for accusing them and granted permission for them to access his trade routes.

Destroy Malevolence

"Heading towards you is a very important Galactic Senator. With her as your hostage, they will call off the attack."
Dooku notifies Grievous of the incoming senator[src]

Padmé's ship being pulled into the cruiser.

As the war progressed, Padmé, along with her servant droid C-3PO, set up a meeting through the Chancellor with an InterGalactic Banking Clan representative in the Mid Rim. As she emerged in the "meeting area", it was discovered to be a trap, and she emerged in the middle of a battle between the large Separatist cruiser Malevolence and a Republic fleet. As she emerged, Grievous used a tractor beam and brought her into his ship, after previously been warned by Dooku of her arrival.

Once her ship was set in the hangar, Padmé rigged the ship to self-destruct so that when it was boarded by Separatists, it would kill them. She left before it was boarded by two battle droids and Grievous. The cyborg commander acknowledged the trick and left before it blew up, sounding the alarm so that the personnel would find the missing persons. Padmé and C-3PO escaped to a control box, where she contacted Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi on their warships and notified them of her trouble. This jump-started a rescue mission by the Jedi and R2-D2.

She was soon discovered by battle droids, and after being in contact with the Jedi, agreed to meet in a large area in the center of the ship. It turned out to be full of tracks containing lots of repair vessels. While attempting to search for the Jedi, they also left for that area, and both fought droids. Eventually Padmé met up with Anakin, while Obi-Wan left to get back C-3PO, who was separated from the group. While on a train, they kissed in a tunnel because they had missed each other, as the war had kept them away.

Attempting to finish off the ship, they traveled to the control room of the Malevolence and destroyed the droids around. General Skywalker tampered with the vehicle and set it to run into the moon once it was started. Padmé gathered up the droids, put them in the turbolift, and she and Anakin left, leaving no tracks. Soon, some more battle droids arrived and, due to the missing droids, assumed the ship was fixed. Padmé, the two droids, and the two Jedi boarded the Twilight. They left the ship, only to be followed by vulture droids. Padmé took control of the guns and destroyed them, letting them leave back to the ship. After the ship had been tampered with, the Malevolence started up its engines and headed straight for the Dead Moon of Antar. It exploded, destroying the large ship and its crew, with the exception of Grievous; he had managed to get away.

Bombad Jedi

"Nute Gunray cannot be trusted. He will bring war to your system, just as he did to mine many years ago!"
"I am…afraid I have already done what I must for my people.
―Padmé and Senator Farr on Rodia[src]

Padmé meets with Onaconda Farr.

In 22 BBY, Padmé Amidala, along with Naboo Representative Jar Jar Binks, went on a mission to the planet Rodia after a crisis had occurred. Their food supply had been raided by pirates, and the planet had not received emergency supplies from the Republic yet, so Amidala ventured to the planet to reassure the planet was still aligned with the Republic. When she arrived, she was soon arrested by the planet's leader Onaconda Farr, who had aligned himself with the Confederacy of Independent Systems in order to get the supplies his planet needed.

After she was arrested, she was taken to the detention level by battle droids, where she was locked up. In an attempt to get free, she started talking about a Jedi who was rescuing her. The battle droids' curiosity got the best of them and they entered her cell. Finding no Jedi and no prisoner, they were surprised when they were attacked by Amidala who was hiding inside the cell. Making up the story about the Jedi, she destroyed the other droids and ran back towards her ship.

Unfortunately, her companion Jar Jar had heard about her arrest, so he set off to the detention level. When he got there, Amidala was not there, but Separatist leader Nute Gunray had arrived at the scene, investigating the disappearance of the Senator. He was chased by the Neimoidian's guards, only to be saved by Amidala, who had circled back. Both of them fought, but Jar Jar, who had found Jedi robes and was disguised, disappeared into the water. After a close encounter with B2 super battle droids, Jar Jar reappeared, scaring the CIS leader, who thought he was a Jedi. Gunray was joined by three droidekas, which fired at Binks. A Kwazel Maw jumped out of the water and destroyed all the droids, saving Padmé and Jar Jar. Padmé took this opportunity and held Viceroy Gunray at gunpoint. Senator Farr soon reappeared and helped the Senator arrest Gunray, proving that he had switched back to the Republic's side. A clone escort summoned by C-3PO soon arrived, and Nute Gunray was kept in Republic custody by the 41st Elite Corps and Commander Gree.

Dooku Captured

On the planet Vanqor, Separatist leader Count Dooku was captured by a group of pirates. They contacted the Republic and offered the Sith lord in exchange for goods. Senator Padmé Amidala met with the Chancellor, where they, along with other important members of the Republic, discussed the retrieval of him. While in the meeting, Padmé suggested that they send Jedi generals Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, and her decision was approved.

Blue Shadow Virus

Padmé, outfitted in a hasmat suit, investigates a Separatist presence in the Naboo swamps.

Padmé and Jar Jar Binks returned to their home planet of Naboo due to Separatist sightings on the planet. Landing at Theed Palace where Captain Typho and Queen Neeyutnee greeted them they then headed to the grasslands after listening to a disabled battle droid speak of Separatist activity in that area. There, a Gungan named Peppi Bow said that the water was poisoned, and that it was coming from the swamps. In the swamp lands the two discovered a secret entrance into an underground laboratory but were then captured by Nuvo Vindi, a mad scientist that disappeared during the battle of Naboo. But, the Queen sent a search party for them, which included Anakin, Obi-Wan, Ahsoka, and Captain Rex. The party soon broke into the laboratory, saving Padmé and Jar Jar. But, Nuvo Vindi soon escaped, but Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Peppi were able to stop him and take him to Theed Palace to face trial for his many crimes.

Mystery of a Thousand Moons

Padmé infected by the virus in the Separatist bunker.

Right after Vindi was captured by Anakin and Obi-wan, the bomb squad defused all but one of the bombs. Vindi's helper droid had the missing one, and accidentally dropped it, causing it to explode releasing the virus.

Meanwhile in Theed, Anakin and Obi-wan were contacted by Padmé, who told them that the virus had spread all over the underground laboratory. The Jedi then have to go to Iego to get the antidote.

Back underground, Padmé and Jar Jar put their oxygen suits back on in the only room not infected with the virus, they then head out into the laboratory to find Ahsoka, Rex, and the others. After they met up with them, the group moved to the cargo area, the only uninfected portion of the lab left. But once they made it there, some of the virus came in with them, making them all ill. Heading back to the tunnels, noticing that battle droids were trying to escape the lab, the senator then stated that if the droids escaped, all of Naboo would be infected. So they stop the droids, but droidekas come in and break one of Padmé's air tubes in her suit, forcing her to take it off, and become infected. Soon afterward Anakin and Obi-wan bring the antidote, getting rid of the virus, Padmé then stated that if his padawan wasn't there, the situation would be different. Amidala, Ahsoka, Rex, and the others receive medical treatment afterward.


Gregar Typho, Padmé's official body guard

After Ahsoka had a vision that Padmé was in danger, the Padawan visited her at the Senator's apartment. Ahsoka immediately warned Amidala of her visions however Padmé wasn't worried or fearful at all. However despite Padmé's lack of worry Captain Typho, her personal security officer, was quite troubled upon hearing of Ahsoka's visions and encouraged the Senator not to attend a political summit as a talented assassin was after her. Amidala then informed them that she would be leaving for the conference on Alderaan with Bail Organa the next day as planned because she was determined to attend the summit no matter what the danger.

The next day, as Padmé's yacht was preparing to depart with C-3PO and Captain Typho, at that moment Ahsoka told the senator that she could not allow her to step into danger without any Jedi protection, and so with the Senator's permission, Tano boarded the cruiser as it departed for Alderaan.

When they were in space, they were playing a game, and Padmé won. She then told Ahsoka that sometime she could beat her. Ahsoka stated that it wasn't that, and Padmé then asked her what was on her mind. She then replied that she wasn't so sure about her abilities on her own, and that Anakin would usually help her out. Padmé told her that when she was Queen of Naboo, she felt the same insecurities that Ahsoka felt, because it was up to her to run the whole Naboo system, and she soon learned to trust herself. Ahsoka then asked for a rematch and Padmé replied that they could play another round.

Later that night, she woke up to see Ahsoka standing on her bed telling her to stay down, and that the assassin was there, but nothing was there at all.

When they made it to Alderaan, Bail and Mon Mothma welcomed them and Padmé thanked him for hosting the conference. When they got to her room, she, Bail, and Mon all were discussing the conference, when Ahsoka came and asked her if they could speak in private. Ahsoka then said that she knew about her mistake, but she stated that it still didn't make the danger any less. Typho then stated that Padmé had to start working on her speech, and Padmé stated that she didn't lose faith in her. Ahsoka stated that it was going to happen that night in a large room, and Typho then asked her if she could recognize it if she saw it. Ahsoka then stated that she probably could. They then walked into the conference room, and Ahsoka then stated that it would be taking place there. She also revealed that Aurra Sing was the assassin, and Padmé asked her if Aurra succeeded, and Ahsoka told her that she didn't know, so Padmé argued that they still had a fighting chance.

Padmé speaking with Ahsoka about the recent attempts on the former's life while overlooking Alderaan.

That evening, Padmé was watching the sun set, when Ahsoka told her that it wasn't safe out there. Padmé then stated that she couldn't stop living her life, and that she was a friend of the Jedi, so she was used to taking risks. Ahsoka then stated that she was confused because her visions were telling her one thing, but reality was telling her another, and then asked what if she was wrong, and there was no assassin after all.

During the conference, Bail gave an introduction, and then handed the conference off to Padmé. She thanked Senator Organa and everyone for coming, and that it was very important to her. She then stated that during the illegal blockade of Naboo by the Trade Federation ten years before the war. She then said that it was true that on a large scale of things, it was a small conflict, and that there was only one battle during the invasion. She then added that even though it was small, many lives were lost, including Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn. She told them that now she found herself in a full scale war, which broke the Republic in two. She then got hit by a shot from Sing. Afterward, Bail stated that they needed a medic.

The next day, Ahsoka said that she was sorry, but Padmé said that she did all she could. Bail then asked her if she got the assassin, but Ahsoka said she didn't. She also told Padmé to head back to Coruscant. Bail then told her that he agreed with Ahsoka, and that it was to dangerous for Padmé to take her speech that night. Padmé then stated that if someone wanted her dead, they would follow her wherever she went. Ahsoka then told her that she now had a plan of how to get her out of danger, and give her speech as well.

Padmé subdues her assassin, Aurra Sing.

That night during the conference, everyone thought that she was wearing a cloak, but she was actually in her room, and the person under the cloak was a betty droid. While she was in her room, Aurra Sing was sneaking through the air ducts and shot her, just for the bullet to be deflected by Ahsoka. Sing then fell out of the air duct into Padmé's room. Sing then said that she remembered the Jedi "brat", and then locked the doors, keeping the guards out. She then stated that Ahsoka left her for dead on Florrum, and that she was lucky that Hondo Ohnaka pulled her out of the wreckage. Ahsoka stated that she was surprised to see Sing working so soon, and Sing replied that she still had to make a living. Padmé then stated that killing her wouldn't stop the relief effort. Aurra answered that this wasn't about that, it was about her employer's revenge. She then started shooting at Ahsoka, hitting her arm. But, Padmé surprised Sing with a holdout blaster hidden in her sleeve, she fired a stun blast at Aurra knocking her against a wall. Afterward, she told Ahsoka that she was no stranger to taking risks, since Ahsoka said "nice shot" to her. She then told Captain Typho and the guards that Aurra was stunned, not killed.

When they made it back to Coruscant, Aurra Sing was taken into custody, and Anakin asked Padmé if she was all right. She then replied that, if Ahsoka didn't have her foresight, things would've gone differently. Yoda then asked Ahsoka who was behind this, and she stated that she did not know. She then had a vision of purple, and bizarre laughter, and she told them that she did not know anyone like that. But, Padmé then said she knew somebody that fit the description, because Aurra Sing said her employer wanted revenge for something she did to him. Anakin then stated that there were a lot of people who wanted revenge on her. But, she added that with Ahsoka's description, she knew the exact person who fit the description, Ziro the Hutt.

Evil Plans

Anakin reassures Padmé just prior to her party.

Padmé was making sure that her senate party had to be perfect for Senator Aang, since he held the deciding vote in the war overseeing committee. Anakin then told her that she didn't have anything to worry about, but C-3PO ran into a droid holding drinks, he then reassured her that everything would be OK. Soon after she went with Anakin over to C-3PO and asked if everything was alright. C-3PO then stated that the dessert was missing it's Jopina Fruit, and Anakin then told him to go get one.

While Cad Bane was trying to get secrets about the Senate from C-3PO and R2-D2, all of the senators came in and she welcomed Senator Aang. She then asked Anakin where C-3PO was at, and Anakin replied that he had no idea.

At the end of the episode, Padmé is seen talking with other senators, when Aang gave a toast to the treaty and the cake that wasn't finished. But, when Anakin was nagging C-3PO and R2 she told him to stop worrying, because the cake was finished and it was right next to them. She added to Anakin that he should really lighten up on C-3PO and R2. She then told C-3PO that he did an magnificent job getting the fruit for the cake. In the end, she was with the other senators while C-3PO bragged about his "magnificent job".

Hostage Crisis

Padmé with Anakin in her office.

Padmé was meeting with Anakin in her office in the Senate Building, where he gave her his lightsaber, to show his love for her. Bail Organa and C-3PO then came in and told her that the meeting in the east wing was going to begin, so she went with them, still carrying Anakin's lightsaber, since he was hiding.

Once they made it there, Cad Bane and other bounty hunters held them hostage. Bane noticed Anakin and soon captured him and put him with the senators. After Bane left, the lasers around them went off, but Anakin saved them right before the lobby exploded, by cutting a hole through the floor.

Senate Spy

Padmé tried to have a romantic evening with her husband Anakin, but to her dismay he had to go to the Jedi Temple on short notice. The next day in the Senate Building, she was talking to Bail Organa and Mon Mothma about politics, when Anakin comes and takes her to the rotunda and activates a pod. Skywalker then told her that the council had suspicions that Rush Clovis was working with the Separatists, so they needed her to spy on him. Padmé reveals that she and Clovis were both colleagues and knew each other very well, and declines his request. But soon after, she decides that perhaps Clovis did need to be watched more closely. At dinner that night with Clovis in the Senate District, he told her that he was going to head to Cato Neimoidia and she decided to go with him. So she, Clovis, Anakin, and C-3PO headed to Cato Neimoidia.

Padmé and Rush Clovis on Cato Neimoidia.

Once they arrived on the planet, they were welcomed by the planet's senator, Lott Dod. Inside the building Dod and Clovis left to talk privately, while a droid escorted Padmé to her room. Once there she told C-3PO that she needed to take a walk. Once she made her way into the library Amidala encountered a surprised Clovis, who quickly turned off the hologram projection detailing the construction of a massive droid foundry, a massive Separatist droid foundry and asked her why she was in there before taking her back to her room. Meanwhile, Lott Dod and Poggle The Lesser talked about how they disliked Clovis' handling of the situation, the two decided to manipulate Clovis by playing on his weakness, his friend Padmé Amidala. Dod and Poggle planned to poison Padmé to gain some much needed bargaining leverage over Clovis.

During the festivities Dod poisoned Amidala's drink, unbeknownst to Clovis who then took her on a tour of the palace. Once they made it to the library, Padmé told Clovis that she was thirsty and that her head was throbbing, she then asked Clovis fetch her a glass of water. While he was out of the room, Amidala quickly hacked into the hologram display and saw the droid foundry schematics, on Geonosis. Amidala removed the holodisk moments before Clovis returned and while using a friendly hug as a distraction was able to pass the to Anakin Skywalker who had secretly accompanied her disguised as one of her body guards. Clovis soon realized that the disk had in fact been stolen and confronted Padmé who collapsed as Dod's poison began to take effect. Recognizing the signs of the poison and realizing that this had to have been the actions of his co-conspirators Dod and Poggle, he quickly went to confront them and after threatening Dod took the antidote from him and rushed back to Padmé. Meanwhile Anakin and C-3PO took the ailing Senator back to her ship and met by Clovis and Dod and Dod's battle droids. After fooling Clovis into thinking Anakin would actually trade the droid factory holodisk for the antidote they took the cure and disk back to Coruscant leaving Clovis to deal with his enraged Separatist benefactors on Cato Neimoidia.

Duchess of Mandalore

Padmé helping Satine find corruption within the New Mandalorian government.

When Duchess Satine Kryze went to Coruscant to brief the Senate on the Death Watch crisis on Mandalore, Palpatine showed a hologram Mandalorian citizen claiming that the planet was in a state of civil war. When Padmé asked Satine as whether she knew the individual in the transmission, she revealed that it was Deputy Minister Jerec, a close friend of her's. Jerec claimed that the government was lying to its people, and that the government also rejected Jedi assistance. Satine argued that Jerec's claim was false, Jerec then went on to say that Satine would be Mandalore's downfall, and that Republic assistance was necessary to remove her from power. Satine then said that she needed to speak with Jerec immediately, but Palpatine informed her that unfortunately, Jerec died that morning in a Death Watch bombing. Palpatine ordered Republic forces to Mandalore despite Satine's warning that this would only make Mandalore a military target and would bring the war to them. Palpatine then stated that the vote will take place in the next session.

That night, Padmé told Satine that the Senate voted to send troops to Mandalore. Satine remarked that she thought the votes were supposed to be held the next day. Padmé informed her that the attack on her on Coruscant had escalated the Senate feelings on the situation. It was forced to act and the soldiers would leave for Mandalore the next day. Satine then claimed that she made a mistake in trusting the Republic with Mandalore's problem.

At the next session, Palpatine called for any objections of Mandalore's occupation. Padmé said she had a development on the case of the planet's neutrality. Shedding some light on the situation Amidala opened a holotransmission which showed Jerec's true claims about the state of chaos on the planet. Going further it also showed that in fact the Republic forces would not to needed to suppress the Death Watch.

After this session, Padmé, Obi-Wan, and Anakin all met Palpatine in his office. He then informed the Senator and the Jedi that thanks to Amidala, the occupation of Mandalore will not happen. But, Padmé stated that it was Satine who deserved the credit, not her, since Satine had found the evidence. Satine, who had just walked in, then said she did not need to be thanked. Padmé announced that the Senate held an emergency session. Padmé went with Palpatine and Mas Amedda, to ratify the Senate's decision on the occupation of Mandalore.

Heroes on Both Sides

When the Senate had held an emergency meeting, all of the senators were arguing over the war. Soon after it started, Padmé moved her pod out and told the Senate that they should start negotiations with the Separatists, or else they would go bankrupt by funding the war. The Senate then started fighting again, until Mas Amedda ended the meeting.

After the meeting, she was talking with Anakin and Ahsoka about letting the Jedi talk with Chancellor Palpatine about it. He then stated that he didn't want to get involved with it. She replied that a peaceful solution was the only way out of the war. Anakin then stated that it wasn't his role, but Ahsoka asked why wasn't it because Jedi were supposed to speak their thoughts on situations with the Chancellor. Anakin then told Padmé that she had to teach Ahsoka about politics, and Ahsoka told her that she didn't know anything about it, since it seemed like the Senate wasn't talking about anything about the war. Anakin then told her that war was complicated, and that he would simplify it, by saying that the Separatists thought the Republic was corrupt, and they were wrong, so the Jedi had to restore order. Padmé then stated that maybe, talking to the Jedi council wasn't the role for him, and thanked him for his help. She then left him and took Ahsoka with her to Anakin's dismay, stating that he wanted her to teach Ahsoka about politics, so she would.

Padmé meeting with Senator Bonteri.

That evening, in Padmé's office, she told Ahsoka that she wanted to talk with Senator Bonteri about it. Ahsoka then asked who was 'he', Padmé replying that 'he' was a 'she', and that she was a senator in the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Ahsoka, who was surprised asked her if her friend was a Separatist, and that she was one of Dooku's pawns. Padmé then told Ahsoka that the Separatists used to be a part of the Republic, and that she was friends with many of the senators who left, but she didn't agree with them about leaving, also adding that they were more than pawns. Ahsoka told her that if she thought that negotiating was the right thing to do, they should talk with her. Padmé then stated that the Senate made it illegal, and that only official meetings were allowed. Ahsoka then stated that she and Anakin held what they called "agressive negotiations" all the time. She also added that it was a shame that there couldn't be more peaceful talks when they wanted. Padmé then stated that Ahsoka just gave her an idea, because Jedi were allowed special clearance to visit neutral worlds, so Ahsoka smuggled her to Mandalore, and then hop on a cargo ship to the Separatist capital of Raxus. Ahsoka agreed to head there and told her that Padmé and Anakin had a lot more in common than Padmé thought, so no wonder why the senator got along with the Jedi so well. Ahsoka also asked where they were headed, and Padmé replied that they were heading to Raxus.

When they made it to the capital planet, they met Mina Bonteri at the landing platform, who welcomed them there. Padmé then introduced Mina to Ahsoka, who asked Mina if she was a Separatist, and she replied that of course she was one. She also added that she had a transport waiting for them.

Mina and Lux Bonteri see Padmé and Ahsoka off on Raxus.

When they arrived at Mina's house they met Lux, who took their luggage inside. After they got inside, Padmé commented on how much Lux had grown. Mina then stated that time wouldn't stop, even if they were at war. Ahsoka then stated that since Bonteri was a Separatist, didn't she create this war. Padmé then got mad at Ahsoka, but Mina stated that it was fine, because many Separatists thought the Republic and the Jedi started the war. Mina added that Lux's father was like that. Ahsoka then told her that maybe she could speak with him, but Mina told her that a year ago from next week, her husband was setting up a base on Aarginarr, when the clones attacked, she added that he fought bravely, but was killed. Ahsoka said that she would go get some air.

After a while Padmé told Mina that felt Dooku's dirty hand in all of the problems going on in the Senate dispute. Mina then stated that Dooku was the leader of the Separatist Senate, not the entire universe. Padmé replied that she forgot that Mina actually admired the man. Mina then stated that people would never entirely agree on Dooku, but they could agree that they needed to stop the war, but the question was how were they going to? Padmé revealed that that was the reason why she came to talk with Bonteri, because the Republic was having a vote on whether or not to bring up the war effort, but many senators didn't know what to do. Mina stated that it was interesting because the Separatist Parliament was in a similar problem. Padmé then told her that if she could get the Separatist senators to try to make peace with the Republic, they could maybe start negotiations. Mina stated that she could at least get the vote on the floor. They then had a toast to ending the war.

Mina Bonteri proposes peace negotiations in the Separatist Senate.

The next day in the Separatist Parliament, Mina told the senators that they should start peace negotiations with Chancellor Palpatine on Coruscant. But, another senator said that the Corporate Alliance would never allow that to happen. Another person stated that they were a democracy, and unlike the Republic, corporations didn't rule them. Dooku then stated that with the bylaws of independent systems a vote was required. After the vote, the people who wanted negotiations won, so they would start the negotiations.

When they were about to leave, Mina said that she's partly sad about Padmé leaving, but she was happy because now the war was almost over. She added that they should hurry, and soon after, Padmé and Ahsoka left Raxus after saying goodbye to Mina and Lux.

When they made it back to the Senate District, they met with Chancellor Palpatine, who said that the Separatists' proposal was surprising. Padmé then stated that it would be rude to reject the Separatists' proposal, which Palpatine agreed with. Padmé also added that this would mean an end to the fighting, so they wouldn't have to borrow any more money from the banks. Palpatine unfortunately told her that whenever the Republic extended their hands for peace with the Separatists, they got slapped away. Padmé then told him that she did know it was true, because she was in contact with her old friend, Mina Bonteri and the source of the vote was with her, and that it was real. Palpatine then announced that the vote would go on the floor.

The bombing of the Coruscant powergrid.

At the Senate that night, Padmé said that since the Separatists wanted peace, there was no need to borrow more money for more troopers. Mas Amedda then stated that they would start voting right at that moment. The senators then entered all of their votes. Right afterwards, the powergrid exploded, causing the whole Senate to go on lockdown, because of a power outage. Everyone moved their pods back because they thought they were under attack, because areas of the District were on fire and exploding. Senator Som then stated that the bombing of the generator was confirmed as a Separatist attack, but Padmé stated that the Separatist congress issued the Bill of Peace. To Padmé's dismay, the Senate voted to deregulate the banks.

Afterward, Padmé returned Ahsoka to Anakin, who stated that he was sorry that her talks with Bonteri failed. Ahsoka asked him how did he know. Anakin then told her that they had people everywhere, and that what they tried to do was dangerous and careless, also it was illegal. He added that they went too far that time, and Ahsoka replied that he would've done the same. He then told her that it was too far, but Ahsoka added that the politics of the war weren't as black and white as she once thought they were. They then walked down the hallway and talked about what they did some more.

Pursuit of Peace

Dooku addressing the Senate on Mina Bonteri's death, and subsequent withdrawal of peace talks.

After the attack on Coruscant, the senators were furious that the Separatists attacked them, and they now wanted peace. Padmé then reminded the Senate that the peace proposal was made prior to their attack on them. Another senator then said that the attack made it seem fake. Senator Halle Burtoni, then proposed that the Republic should purchase an additional 5 million clone troopers. Bail Organa opposed, stating that the Republic was already near bankruptcy, so how would they pay for the costs. Burtoni then stated that the money would of course be from the Banking Clan, and asked Amidala (who asked her the question), what would be an alternative. Padmé replied by saying that one would be to end the war, not escalate it. All of the senators started calling her a traitor. She stated that whoever launched the attack wanted to destroy the peace proposal, and added that not everyone in the Confederacy wanted that, and that she knew it for a fact. Mee Deechi then asked her if she had Separatist friends. Everyone started yelling rude comments at Padmé. Palpatine then told everyone that Padmé had a point, but a message then came from Count Dooku, who stated that the Republic killed Mina Bonteri, who had started the peace process, and that they would have to stop the proposal from the Separatists. The Senate then stated that they had to win the war.

When they made it to her office, Padmé told Bail that she couldn't believe that the Republic could kill Senator Bonteri, since she was the person who started the peace proposal. Bail then told her that Dooku lied, and that Dooku's thugs killed Bonteri, because he heard it from the Republic spies on Raxus. He also added that the message to the Senate was a lie, and that they should try to stop the bill for Bonteri. Padmé then asked if they could win the war with the troops that they had, and Bail replied that he hoped they didn't have to. Farr then joked about the ammunition. Bail told them that the more he knew about how much the bill would cost, it would be better for them. So Padmé said that she and Farr would go talk with the Banking Clan to Farr's dismay. She added that another reason why he had to go with her was because he owed her for telling a really bad joke.

Nix Card

When they met with Nix Card about how much interest would the Banking Clan make the Republic pay, he said that they would have to pay a rate of 25% interest. Padmé then angrily yelled at him that the previous deal with the Republic was 10%. He told her that that was before they deregulated the banks, so the same rules didn't apply anymore. He added that the Separatists didn't seem to mind, because they secured a deal for an additional 3 million battle droids, and Padmé then asked him that he would let Dooku do that, and reminded him that he lived on Coruscant too. He then told them that they weren't on a side in the war, so they could do whatever they wanted.

When Padmé told Bail about the interest, he replied that it was a lot of credits. Padmé then told him that the interest alone could bankrupt the Republic. She added that so far schools, infrastructural, and health care all were starting to disappear because of the war, and that soon, the basic needs of Republic citizens would soon go away. Bail then said that that was good, Padmé, who was surprised asked that it was. He told her that an interest on such odd terms would destroy the Republic, no matter how the war ended. He added that all they needed was some more senators, if they didn't receive the threats. Padmé then asked him what were the threats, he stated that some senators had been getting messages, telling them not to vote against the bill, and because of what happened to Bonteri, they were getting terrified.

The next day at the Senate, Padmé and Bail told the senators that more clones wouldn't win the war, and that the only winner would be the Banking Clan, and that they wanted to pass the bill so badly, they were trying to frighten senators not to vote against it. But, the others disagreed with her and told her that they wanted the bill to pass. Farr then came in with a broken arm, along with Lolo Purs and told them that two thugs jumped him, but he was fine. Padmé then told him that those messages had to stop, and Farr told her that he was still going to vote against the bill, no matter what happened.

The Senate debates endlessly after the attack on Coruscant.

That night she told Bail that as long as senators were being attacked and threatened, they wouldn't win the vote. Bail then replied that not everyone would be intimidated, and that Farr proved that. Padmé told him that they were still at least six votes shorter than the majority, and that her talk with some senators didn't work. Bail told her that some minds just couldn't change no matter what. Padmé then told him that he was the best public speaker she knew, and that she needed him to speak before the Senate, and he agreed to start making the speech, while Padmé went to visit the undecided senators.

When she and Farr went to meet Senator Christo, he asked them if it was worth being beaten, and he added what happened to Farr, who said that it would get better over time. Farr then asked him if it was worth who was dying in the war. He asked them if they were the clones, because he stated that they were made for that purpose, but Padmé told him that clones were people as well. He then told her that he only cared about the citizens that he represented, and Farr asked him when was the last time he talked with his people, and Christo replied that it was around the same time that Farr did. Padmé then asked him if anything would change his mind. Christo replied that only Bail Organa's opinion would change his mind, and asked why wasn't he with them. Padmé replied that Bail was working on a speech for the whole Senate. He then said that he would listen to what Bail had to say.

Padmé while in pursuit of Robinino and Hyoki.

When they left Farr asked Padmé if she could go with him, but she said that her driver was a block away, and that she needed the fresh air. When she was walking, she was attacked by Robonino and Chata Hyoki. She then went to where her driver parked, but noticed he wasn't there. She then took a speeder, which Hyoki held on to. After a chase through Coruscant by the bounty hunters, she got them off of her tail, but the police stopped her and tried to arrest her, but she wasn't arrested, since she was a senator.

When she got back to her apartment, her assistant, Teckla Minnau, asked her if she was going to report it to the Jedi council about it, but Padmé said she wasn't. When she got on to the balcony, she asked what had happened to democaracy, and Teckla told her that she wasn't liked most senators, because she actually listened to the people. Padmé then asked Teckla how was the war doing for her family.

The next day at the Senate, Farr told Padmé about Bail, who was in an accident, so she had to give the speech in his place. Padmé then argued with Farr telling him that the Senate was expecting it from the "Great Bail Organa", while she wasn't that highly respected, but she chose to give her speech, since Farr said that the Senate cared about her.

During her speech she told the Senate about the problems in the town Teckla lived in, a result of the war. She added that they needed to give the people what they needed to survive. She also said that she honored the brave soldiers whether they were clones, or many systems throughout the galaxy. In conclusion she said that they should keep the lives of the citizens of the Republic, by defeating the bill. Everyone then applauded for her after her speech was given.

Senate Murders

The Senate on the clone military bill.

Padmé was talking with a fellow senator, who had pulled his vote because of public opinion, she then told the others that this senator's action, but that he was very "sorry". Lolo then said that "sorry" didn't get them votes. Onaconda Farr noted that Padmé's speech might give them the votes they needed, and Amidala told Farr that it was impressive of how many votes he had rallied. Lolo told Farr that he was the most influential man on Rodia, Farr replied that he might have been, but remarked that after his mistakes, all he wanted was peace. Bail Organa that then informed them that the Senate was ready for Padmé's speech.

On their way to their pods, Farr told Padmé that it was exciting. Though she replied to Farr saying that exciting wasn't the term she would've use, and that terrifying was the more appropriate. Padmé then walked in to her pod, ready to give her speech.

During her speech Amidala argued that adding more troops would not end the war, but bankrupt and cripple the Republic instead. She added that by adding more clones, they would only escalate the war, not end it. Padmé finished by asking the Senate to vote for a transfer to diplomacy, to vote to end the war.

Mee Deechi commenting on Padmé's speech.

Right when she walked out she saw Mee Deechi, who stopped her and commented that her speech was quite a moment. Padmé thanked him, but Deechi then told her that it wasn't a complement, and that she should stop giving such unpatriotic speeches like that in the future. Padmé replied that the only thing unpatriotic was his war mongering.

When she made it to her office, she and the other senators had a drink to congratulate Padmé on her speech. Mon Mothma and Farr both added that Padmé's address was brilliant, but she reminded them that they should wait until they won the vote to make a victory speech. Halle Burtoni, who had just walked in said that that was a smart idea, and that Amidala actually made sense for once in her life. Padmé told her that it was a private conversation, to which Burtoni replied "private conversation or Separatist conspiracy". Lolo shot back that they weren't Separatists, they simply wanted an end to the war. Padmé stated that adding more troops to the front lines wouldn't allow diplomacy to resume. Burtoni told her diplomacy failed the Republic long ago, but right after she did, Mon Mothma broke up the fight. Senator Farr then told Burtoni that the creation of the clones may have allowed Kamino to get a seat in the Senate, but it didn't give the Kaminoans free reign. He thanked Burtoni for the visit, but he stated that they would like to have their meeting if she did not mind. Burtoni told them that they should enjoy they're moment in the spotlight, and that the war wouldn't end soon. Padmé said that they must have done something right, if they angered Senator Burtoni. Mon Mothma said that they have been doing good getting rid of the bill, and that Farr had done a good job rallying votes. Farr said that it was right, and that he wished he could've done what was right a long time ago. Mon told him that that didn't matter, because he was doing it now. Bail gave a toast to victory and an end to the war. Farr then said he could not breath, and collapsed dead. Padmé then told someone to get help.

Farr's funeral.

At Farr's funeral, Padmé attended with Chancellor Palpatine, Mon, Bail, Lolo, and Satine. The Rodian that talked about Farr said that Farr was a flawed man, but he knew his own mistakes better than anyone else. He also said that Farr did the correct things for his people, because to him their needs came first. Afterwards Bail told Amidala that if she needed anything, she could ask him, but she said what she needed was to get his resolution passed. Lolo said that Farr was her mentor, and that she couldn't move on without him. Padmé said she understood that nobody could take his place. A senate guard told them that Palpatine wanted them in his office.

When Padmé and Lolo made it to Palpatine's office, she asked Palpatine what had happened and he replied that Lieutenant Divo, unfortunately had some questions for them. Divo asked if anyone had hated Senator Farr, enough to kill him. Padmé asked what he was talking about.

Tan Divo investigating Farr's murder.

Later, Divo told them that he needed to find out who wanted to kill Farr, Lolo replied that nobody wanted him dead, and that everyone loved him. Divo stated that if Farr wasn't murdered, he wouldn't have been there. Bail told Divo that even Farr's political enemies respected him, and that they needed time to deal with the situation. Divo replied to Organa that there was no time and they had a murderer on the loose. Padmé then asked him why he thinks Farr was murdered. Divo stated that Farr was poisoned, because it was the common political method. Divo also added that every politician had something to hide, and that it came back to haunt them, and asked if he was right. Divo then said that he was talking to a room full of politicians, so he shouldn't have said that. He added that one of Farr's secrets must have resurfaced, but Padmé told him that Farr had no secrets, but also stated that somebody could have been mad about the clone trooper bill, as it was very controversial. He thanked Amidala, but he said that he would follow his own theory, if she didn't mind, and that he was the inspector and she was the senator, so he would do the investigating, Divo left the office. Palpatine then said that a murder was inconceivable.

Afterward, Mon Mothma asked who would want to murder Farr. Lolo then answered that it could be the bill, and that they all could be targeted. Bail stated that speculation wouldn't work, and that they should try twice as hard for the vote. Padmé then said that they should delay the vote because no one would give the vote their full attention, until they know what had happened to Farr. Bail said that he would try to delay the vote, which Padmé thought would give them time to do their own investigation, but Mon stated that Divo told them not to interfere, but Padmé told her that Divo didn't know Farr, but they did, so they would have an easier time with this, unlike detective Divo. Bail said that it could disrupt their correlation, but Mon told Padmé that she seemed determined to get this through, and she told her that she was. Mon then asked her if she was taking Captain Typho with her, Padmé told her that she wasn't because she wanted to do it quietly. Mon then told Padmé that she could take Bail with her, which she agreed to. She told them that she knew exactly where to start, Deechi and Burtoni.

When the group spoke to Deechi and Burtoni said that Farr was the best advertiser there was, because every time he would open his mouth, it gave them another vote, so she told them why would they kill their best advertisement. Padmé added that Farr voted against both Deechi and Burtoni in the Senate, so maybe they wanted to shut his mouth once and for all. Deechi told her that he had tremendous respect for Farr and that Farr had a meeting at the docks, the night before he died. Bail asked him why would he, Deechi then answered that just because he respected Farr didn't mean he didn't wanted to get dirt on him. He said that the location maybe held some clues, which made Padmé agree to head there, but added that she and Bail would have more questions for them after their search.

Padmé encounters an assailant at the docks.

While they were searching the docks, Bail told Padmé that using the investigation to hide her grief wasn't a good solution, but Padmé replied that this wasn't the case. Bail asked her why she couldn't leave the case to Divo, but suddenly, a crate was dropped from above them, so Padmé then pushed Organa and ran, saving them from the crate. A hooded figure started shooting at the pair, Padmé chased but, the figure shot again, but she dove behind a crate. Later, she and Bail met at a dead end, and started shooting at the figure together. When they nearly made it to the exit, another crate nearly fell on them, causing Bail to almost fall off of the building, but Padmé pulled him back up.

After the police arrived at the scene, and Divo asked Amidala if she was going deaf, as he told them to not interfere with the investigation, so she must have not heard him. Padmé replied that she had a lead at the docks, but Divo stated that she could've brought it to him, but she didn't. Divo told her that there were rules, but Padmé stated that her friend was murdered, so she didn't care about rules. But Divo said that without rules there would only be chaos, so everyone should care about rules, Bail told Divo they knew that. Divo also added that now they alerted the killer that they were on to him, which would make his investigation more difficult, and he would have a lot more reports to file now. Padmé then asked, what if they were brought to the docks on purpose, and it was all just a set up, that Deechi sent them there, just so he could kill them. They decided to go back to the Senate to interrogate Deechi.

Padmé, Bail and Lieutenant Divo discover Deechi's body.

When they made it back to the Senate, Padmé told Deechi that he should be surprised to see them after he tried to kill them. But when Padmé turned the chair around, she found out that Deechi had been stabbed, Divo then stated that this would need another report.

Right afterwards, Padmé, Bail, Mon, and Lolo all were all being held in Amidala's office under Divo's orders for their own protection, since the murderer was targeting senators. Lolo thought that the murderer could take them out all at once, all together, and decided to leave, to Padmé's dismay, since she thought the inspector was right. Divo then asked Padmé who knew that she and Bail went to the docks. Padmé noted that Senator Burtoni was the only other one.

Later, Lolo ran in stating that Burtoni tried to kill her in the east wing corridor. Divo then told the guards to head there immediately.

Lolo holds Padmé at gunpoint upon the latter's realization of the murder.

The next morning, Burtoni said that she didn't attack Lolo, and that Deechi was her ally, so she couldn't have killed him. Divo then stated that the poison was made by Kaminoan scientists, and it only affected Rodian blood, but Burtoni still claimed it wasn't her, but the guards took her to prison. Padmé stated that if the poison was in all of their drinks, Lolo would've died as well, as she too was Rodian. Padmé asked Lolo if she had drank, which Lolo stated that she only pretended to drink, pulling out a gun on Amidala, and took her away for insurance. Padmé asked Lolo why she murdered Farr, Lolo replying that Farr brought the war to Rodia, Padmé arguing that he made a mistake, but Lolo stated that everyone seemed to forget, including Padmé. Lolo then stated that Farr shouldn't have ran the government, but she said that he was sorry. Police droids arrived and told Lolo to put down her weapon. Padmé hit it out of her hand, and delivers a jaw-breaking knockout punch, so the police could capture Lolo.

Later at the Senate, Palpatine announced that there would be more clone troopers added to the arm, as Burtoni won the vote. Padmé told Palpatine that after their efforts, they lost. Palpatine told her that it was unexpected, and that he didn't support it, but after the recent events it should be helpful, and that it was democracy. Palpatine then added that the clone troopers were the only way to peace.

The Zillo Beast Strikes Back

After the incident on Malastare which released an ancient Zillo Beast, Anakin met Padmé and Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Senate lobby, discussed their concerns about the beast being on Coruscant. Padmé and Obi-Wan both agreed that it should be taken off planet, Anakin concurred with their sentiments and on Amidala's request went to voice their concerns to the Chancellor.

Anakin narrowly catches Padmé.

Speaking to Palpatine who expressed a lack of surprise that a classified matter had already become public knowledge noted that he did not wish to see the creature leave Coruscant. Mas Amedda then stated that the beast would be killed on Coruscant, to Padmé's dismay. Palpatine asked Padmé to consider that a democracy was only as strong as its people, and the people were dying faster than he could count. Palpatine then asked Anakin if killing one savage beast, to give the troops the advantage they need to win the war, was the wrong thing to do, but Anakin choosing not to enter into any political debate said that the right path would reveal itself in time. Padmé angrily told Anakin that he was supposed to be helping her while Anakin replied he was on her's but the Chancellor made a good point.

Right after, Anakin and Padmé heard the city siren and and saw numerous explosions near the Senate Building. Amidala then told C-3PO to evacuate everyone into an underground area. Soon after, she noticed that the Zillo Beast was heading towards the Senate District and landed on top of the Republic Executive Building and looked into Palpatine's office, forcing everyone to evacuate to the lower levels of the building.

The Zillo Beast's body is transported off Coruscant.

Palpatine had a ship prepared to escape the building in the event of an attack. They then flew the ship away from the District, just to have the beast catch them. Anakin then said he had an idea, but it was risky, Padmé then stated that with the horrible circumstances, she would take the risk, while Palpatine said that he had a bad feeling about that. When they fall out, Padmé hung on the side of the building, but Anakin pulled her back up.

After Palpatine joined up with them, they ran away from the beast on the roof of the building with Yoda and Aayla Secura. Once the pilots dropped the gas bombs, the Jedi used the force to create a dome that protected them from the poisonous fumes.

The next morning, Amidala went with the others to help clean up the District after the incident.

Sphere of Influence

Padmé meeting with Senator Chuchi.

After the Trade Federation launched on a blockade of Pantora, a heated verbal battle erupted between Pantoran senator Riyo Chuchi and Lott Dod the floor of the Galactic Senate.

After observing this brief confrontation, Padmé met with Chuchi to offer her support, and stated that many other senators felt the way Padmé did. Chuchi the left Padmé to meet with the Pantoran Chairman.

Soon after, Padmé met Anakin, and told him that she did not like the situation on Pantora, because it reminded her of the situation on Naboo ten years ago. Anakin then stated that it did some good, because it was the reason they first met. She replied that he had an interesting way of looking at things. Ahsoka then informed them that the daughters of the Pantoran Chairman, Papanoida, had been kidnapped. Padmé stated that she was afraid that something like this would happen. Anakin noted that the Jedi couldn't get involved, and that it was a job for the local police, but Padmé expressed her concerns that the local police couldn't handle the situation, and that the Separatists were putting a lot of pressure on Pantora to join them, and the blockade would give them no other choice. Ahsoka volunteered to handle the case because Chuchi was a good friend of her's. Anakin told her that she couldn't interfere with the local authorities, under any circumstances. After Ahsoka asked if him if he would accompany her, he said that he would have to stay on Coruscant to hide the situation from the Council. Padmé then asked Anakin if he'd ever done anything like this before. He then stated that he and "Snips" did things like this all the time. After Ahsoka left, Amidala stated that she couldn't believe they let him teach.


Satine greets Padmé on Mandalore.

When Padmé arrived on Mandalore, Duchess Satine Kryze welcomed her to the planet and told her that their choice to stay neutral caused distress in the Senate, but for the citizens of Mandalore, the fallout from the war was considerable. Padmé stated that many systems had been affected, and assured her that not everyone in the Republic neglected Mandalore, and that some senators would vote for any help Mandalore needed. But Satine stated that the only problem was opening trade routes, so they could get supplies more freely. Padmé said that they were making progress in the Senate. Satine apologized, saying she didn't want to discuss about politics, she wanted to show Amidala the new Mandalore. As they were heading through the tunnel, Padmé called her treatment a typical Mandalorian welcome, and that Senator Organa told her that Satine was good at coordinating, but Satine said that she wanted to greet her before the others. When they made it out of the tunnel, they saw crowds of people waving and cheering.

When they were meeting in a building in the capital, the government fought over trade routes, corruption, and the black market dilema. During this, Padmé told Satine that it seemed that Prime Minister Almec was really overwhelmed, since he was trying to break up the fight. Satine said, if she wanted to volunteer her services as a negotiator, that she would be more than welcome. Padmé stated that they might listen to a new voice. Amidala walked down and Almec gave her the floor she told them that the more they fought, the more the citizens suffered. She also added that they were right about the trade routes, but the black market was no substitute for legal trade. Almec then asked her what she would propose. Padmé answered that the Republic could provide security. But, somebody told her that the Republic's dealings with the black market were far greater that Mandalore's and a woman shouted that it was typical for her, a member of the Senate, to come there to lecture them on corruption. Everyone then went back to arguing, until Satine stopped them, and ended the meeting.

At dinner that night, Satine asked Padmé about how she felt about the war. Padmé replied that it was complicated and that Palpatine said that it was going well, while her sources told her the opposite. She told her that sometimes she wished that Naboo took a route similar to Mandalore's, not being in the war. Satine said that greed went deep into the Republic, corporations, trade games, and senators all serving their own interests. Padmé said that there were still senators that worked to overcome corruption and believed it to be possible. Satine stated that a new hospital opened, and that they could see true good at work the next day.

That next day, right when they arrived at the hospital they saw kids being taken in, Satine asked one of the workers what was going on, the worker replied that he had no idea and that they should see the doctor working on the outbreak who was inside the building. Once inside they saw lots of sick children lying on hospital beds. When the doctor came over to them he apologized about not talking to Satine sooner, he informed her that the kids were poisoned. Satine asked him how, the Doctor replied that he didn't know the source, but added that it was not just happening there, it was happening across the planet. Padmé asked if they had any leads about a cause and the doctor replied that they all came from the same school, so they were testing the food, and stated that if they figure it out, they could make an antidote but it could take some time. Satine noted that was what they did not have.

Padmé discussing the issues of corruption with Satine and Almec.

When they met Almec in his office, he told them that it must have been the Death Watch. But Satine wasn't so sure, because in the past their attacks were targeted at her, not children. But, Almec said that they were terrorists, and that Padmé's visit may have inspired them, but Satine said that they should keep their eyes on the sick children, not terrorists, and asked how will he save them. Almec stated that he would have to speak with the other government officials about the matter. Satine told him that she refused to believe that Death Watch had anything to do with the situation, which Padmé agreed with. Satine said that Almec didn't care about the children, just politics. Padmé then stated that they couldn't sit there and do nothing, and Satine said that she thought the same thing.

Later in the throne Satine summoned her personal guards and instructed them to investigate the poisoning incident noting that not only were they the only ones she could trust but also that they didn't have much time. Padmé told them that each of them would get their own comlink and datapad, showing them their location and areas they should investigate, it also had direct means of communication. Satine stated that the investigation was secret, and Padmé added that millions of children had been poisoned. Satine said that they were Mandalorian children, and that they need to figure out who was doing that immediately, and thanked them. Padmé asked where would they start. Satine replied that they would start at schools.

When they got to a school, Satine thanked the superintendent for allowing them to inspect the schools. The doctor said that they checked the food there, and stated that none of it was contaminated. Padmé asked what about the food the day before. He then replied that the food is usually the same there. Satine asked him about the drinks. He said that they drank water, and it was impossible to poison it. Satine said not the water, but the bottled drinks, he then stated that those came from an outside vendor. He asked a student if he could borrow his drink, and the kid allowed him.

Zak Zaz analyzes the tainted tea being served in the schools.

Later in the doctor's office, they tested the drink, and Satine asked how could this have happened. Padmé then replied that it wasn't Satine's fault. Satine then replied that she appreciated that, however with how big the outbreak was, the corruption went really deep. The doctor told them that they found something, and stated that the tea had a high level of sabin. Satine stated that she never knew sabin was legal, and the doctor said that it was usually hidden, and that that had to had been the cause. Padmé asked the superintendent if the school had an import log, and he replied that they should. Padmé then stated that now they could find out where the tea came from. Satine stated that they should head to the docks.

When they made it to the docks, Padmé said that everything was there, except for the tea shipments, and that the school's import log was erased. Padmé stated that there was no record of an outside vendor. While she was looking through the records, the superintendent started running away. Satine stopped him and asked him where he was going, he replied that he was going to the hospital. Satine told her gaurds to stop him, causing his speeder to crash into their's. The guards then took him back to Satine, who asked him where he got the tea. Satine then told him to tell her where he got the tea from. He stated that he didn't want to harm anyone, he just needed to cut school costs, since the budget was low. Satine then stated that the school had sufficient government funding. He then replied that they gave him a great deal, and that some money would go to him, and that he didn't know the drinks were poisoned. Padmé asked him if he would go through all of that for his own greed. He said that there were others more guilty than him. Satine asked if Death Watch was involved. He stated that he didn't know, and that he talked with Siddiq for it. Satine then asked where he was.

Siddiq, one of the bureaucrats whom bribed Mandalorian officials.

When they made it to the shipping company, Siddiq told them that he bribed the school official, and asked what was the problem. Padmé then told him that what he did was illegal. He stated that it was happening all over the galaxy, and that most people didn't care. Satine said that they were not 'most people'. Siddiq stated that his corporate contacts protected him, but he would play their little 'game'. He then added that he was sorry about the sick kids, he said that he was just the messenger. Satine asked where did he get the tea. He then said from Mooga, and that the commers controlled it, and he gave them the schedule, but he said he would have to narrow it down even more for the tea shipments. Satine then told him to narrow it down to the tea. He then stated that they were bringing a shipment in that night. He asked them if they wanted to see the dock, and they nodded.

When they were at the docks that night, Padmé told Satine that when she thought about visiting, she never thought about being in an informal setting. Satine said that Obi-Wan told her that when Padmé was queen on Naboo, she became familiar with excursions like that. Padmé then said that someone could only survive that for so long. Satine then stated that they were a lot alike. When they made it to the location, the guard told them that there was a shipment arriving. They then saw smugglers taking tea out of a ship. Satine then stated that they were smugglers, but Padmé said hat they weren't sure yet. The guard then asked if he should bring in more security, but Satine said that they should wait and see, Just after, they see the customs official telling them that he was there for his 'inspection'. One of them then stated that they would expect nothing less, and paid the official. The leader then told them to unload the tea. Satine then said that they needed to see how high the chain of corruption went.

The next day, she was talking to a captain who stated that what they saw was impossible. Padmé stated that they saw a custom official bribed. But the captain said it still couldn't happen on the docks. He stated that the docks were highly secure, and free of criminal. Satine then stated that it wasn't secure from smugglers, and corruption, and stated that the most dangerous weapon in the galaxy was money. He then said that smuggling didn't happen on his watch. Padmé then asked when he wasn't watching, but he then stated that he was always watching. Satine then asked him if he saw the children dying, and told him that if he wanted her respect, he would have to earn it and he had to arrest the criminals, and stop stalling. She told him that he should be the, with a patrol unit, unless he was involved. He said that they would go see what was going on.

One of the corrupt Mandalorian guards.

When they arrived at the docks they saw guards standing in front of a building. Satine then asked the captain if he had ordered them there, and he replied that he was with her the whole time. He then told the guards to let them in, but they said they were under strict orders not to. The captain then asked them if they knew who Satine was. She then told them to open the doors, and the guards then attacked them, but the captain took care of them, and arrested them. Once they opened the doors, people started shooting at them, hitting some of them, including the captain. The remaining guards on their side, pulled a cargo crate over, and Padmé went behind it, and shot at the criminals After they captured the criminals, Satine and the captain (who got hit in the arm), walked in, and the captain said that Padmé was a good shot, for a senator. After they captured the thugs, they burned down the warehouse.

That night in Almec's office Padmé stated that it wasn't Death Watch, it was a group of black market smugglers. She added that they added it with sabin, but didn't know it would poison it. Almec then asked about the sick children. Satine answered that she ordered the antidote to schools and hospitals. Almec then said that he was glad it was over, but Satine said it wasn't. She said that there was so much corruption still going on, and asked how it happened. Almec then stated that he would have a team to investigate it. Satine then said that she was counting on him.

When Padmé was leaving, Satine said that she was troubled, and Padmé stated that Almec said that he would have a team look into it. Satine said that his heart was in the right place, but what if the team was corrupt, she then said that Padmé should get a Jedi to help investigate. Satine stated that if this kept going on, Mandalore would be lost. Padmé then stated that she would ask Yoda for one to investigate. Padmé left Mandalore on her cruiser.

Water War

Anakin, Ackbar, and Padmé report on Mon Calamari's escalating tension to the Jedi.

Padmé and Anakin were sent to Dac to help stop the Mon Calamari/Quarren civil war from happening. When they made it into one of the underwater buildings, they noted that the Quarren wanted a Quarren king instead of Prince Lee-Char. The prince then stated that he would serve the Quarren and the Mon Calamari equally. Riff Tamson told him to be quiet and that nobody asked him to speak yet. Ackbar told Tamson that he was a representative for the Separatists, and that he didn't have a say in the conversation. Tamson then reminded him that the Quarren brought him to Dac because Ackbar brought Padmé and Anakin, who represented the Republic. Ackbar then told Tamson that he would give him a lesson in manners and swam towards him, but Anakin stopped him from getting to Tamson. A Quarren said that the Prince would ruin the whole structure of the planet. Padmé then told him that they were there to find a compromise, and asked what the Republic could do to help the species keep peace. He replied that it was a problem between them and the Calamari only. Other Quarren said that the Republic shouldn't get involved there, and started insulting the Republic and the senator. The person said that he was sorry but, the Quarren didn't want another Mon Calamari king. Tamson told them that the Quarren had no more stuff to do there. Anakin then told Ackbar and Amidala that they needed to contact Yoda about the situation.

When they made it into a Republic shuttle, Yoda asked Ackbar if there was any way out of a civil war, but Ackbar replied that there was no way out of it. Anakin told him that the Separatist ambassador encouraged the Quarren to rebel. Padmé then told him that it was only a short amount of time before the Quarren left the Republic. Yoda replied that he felt that Count Dooku was behind the situation. Mace Windu then told them that they couldn't let the system become part of the Confederacy, and that he would send Kit Fisto and Ahsoka Tano with clones, and that the reinforcements would be there by the end of the day. He added that before the reinforcements arrived, they should prepare for a Separatist assault.

Soon after, they listened to the prince's speech about being too young to rule, he added that he didn't believe the Quarren would attack. But, right after he stated that, the Quarren, along with Tamson and his Aqua Droids attacked the underwater city. Anakin then stated that they had to take cover from the Separatists.

Civil war erupts between the Mon Calamari and the Quarren.

When they made it to the battlefield, everyone noticed them, and asked the prince what they should do. He told them to hold the line. Anakin then suggested to Ackbar that they should take the prince to a safer area until the reinforcements arrived. Ackbar replied that it was a choice that the prince could only make, since he was leading them. The prince told them that it was horrible because people were dying. Anakin then told him that it wasn't a wise decision to stay, and that Ackbar and the prince should forget their tradition, because they were in wartime. Lee-Char then replied that he had to stay there with his people, and that they had to press the attack. They then witnessed Calamari soldiers fighting against the Quarren, by heading straight at them. The prince told them that they had to get behind enemy lines, and that he knew a shortcut.

They then headed through one of the tubes, and the prince told them that they should end up just behind the enemy lines. Suddenly, part of one of the buildings collapsed and broke the tube, causing the soldiers following them to hop out and start fighting there. Padmé asked them what they were going to do now. Anakin then asked if the prince had any other ideas, and he replied that now they had to wait for the Jedi reinforcements.

That evening, they were battling against the Quarren just when the Republic reinforcements arrived. She then told Anakin that she was going to look for Senator Tills, and said that she hoped that Tills was still alive.

Meena Tills

When she found Tills, she comlinked Anakin and told him she found her, but they needed to take her to safety, she added that they were at the base of the palace, and that Anakin had to hurry.

When Anakin and the others made it to them, Tills told the prince that he had to make terms for a Quarren surrender. He then told them that they may have won the battle, but they still never won yet. Ackbar added they would launch another attack soon. Anakin then told them that he was thinking that the real battle never started yet. They then saw a bright light over in the plaza, and notice that it was an army of Hydroid Medusas. The prince then told him that they had never saw weapons like those before, so Anakin told him that it wasn't going to be very easy. Kit Fisto then told the troops to get into their battle stations. Soon after, they noticed the weapons weren't working, so Anakin had to lead everyone into the caves far underneath the city, while Fisto held them off.

When they made it into the caves, Fisto met up with them and she kept a lookout for any Separatists with Anakin, Fisto, Tills, along with clone troopers and Calamari soldiers.

Gungan Attack

When they were in the caves under the city, Kit Fisto told Mace Windu and Yoda that they lost contact with clones and Calamari soldiers, and told them that the Quarren ambushed them, and they were ready way before the peace talks. Yoda then stated that the situation was becoming desperate, but they lost contact with him just afterward. The prince then asked if there were going to be reinforcements, but Fisto told him that he didn't know. Ackbar told him that they knew about the situation, so they had to be sending help. But Anakin replied stating that it could take them a while, and told them that they had to get off of the planet. The prince told them that he wouldn't leave the Calamari to die. Anakin then replied that if they stayed, they would all die. Padmé told them that they had to go and see if their ship was still there. Ackbar told them that it was Lee-Char's decision. The prince replied that they would try to escape by using the shuttle. They then all try to start their escape off of Dac.

When they made it to the city, Padmé noted that there were a lot of enemy troops between them and the surface. Anakin told her that he hoped she was a fast swimmer. She then reminded that he was the person from the desert planet, not her. Tills asked them if they were certain the ship was still there, Anakin replied that there was only one way to find out, going to the surface. Fisto then told them that he would create a diversion so they could get through. Anakin told him that they would need some underwater speeders as well. Fisto told them that it would be easy to get them.

When the speeders were coming to them from Fisto, Anakin told Ahsoka, Lee-Char, and Senator Tills to go on the first one. The three then sped to the surface. When the final one came down, Anakin, Padmé, and Ackbar took that speeder to the surface.

When they were nearing the surface, they noticed their ship still there. But all of the sudden the whole ship exploded, forcing them to stay on the planet, and to dodge the falling debris. Aqua Droids started shooting at them, the prince told them that they had to go to the seafloor, since they were too easy to get in the Separatist controlled city. Anakin then stated that they had to hold onto the wreckage, since it would take them to the bottom of the ocean. She told them that she was starting to get seasick, while she and Tills held onto some of the wreckage. Ackbar then said that they had to split into groups, and the prince agreed, so Fisto, Ahsoka, and the prince were in one group, whilst she, Anakin, Ackbar, and Tills were in the other.

When they were in the city, Anakin asked Ackbar which building had the inter-planetary scanners, and Ackbar answered that it was across the square, and asked why. Anakin replied that if the Republic was sending reinforcements, it would be great if the Separatists didn't know they were coming. Ackbar said that without the sensors, they wouldn't know where they were until they were right on the surface, Tills added if anyone was coming. Padmé the told them that she was sure that the Republic was sending reinforcements, and told Anakin that he would lead the attack. He then told them to all follow him to the building.

When they made it to the building, Anakin told them to hold his back while he concentrated. She then asked him on what, and he replied that he would try to destroy the building. He then destroyed the foundation once droids came. After the building collapsed, they tried to escape the area.

Soon after, they were fighting against aqua droids when the Hydroid Medusas were heading towards them. She then stated that at least they were getting all of the attention so prisoners wouldn't have as much.

trident drills arrive to reinforce the CIS-aligned Quarren.

When they noticed the Medusas being electrocuted they noticed that the reinforcements were Gungans and they were destroying the Separatist fleet. Jar Jar Binks then came over and Anakin told him that it was perfect timing, and Jar Jar replied that he couldn't here so good because they were underwater.

Just afterward, a Trident Drill came and started spinning, causing high turbulence. She then got sucked into it while everyone was fighting with the Separatists. When Anakin destroyed it, she and Anakin were surrounded by droids, along with Ackbar. Meena Tills, who was dancing with Jar Jar, and was surrounded with him. They all then were taken away by droids.


After being captured by aqua droids, they were taken to a prison area and Tamson said that it was surprising the prince was harder to capture than the four of them. Anakin replied that it was probably part of the plan, and Tamson took Padmé and Jar Jar, and she told him to not touch her. Anakin then told him to let go of the senator and the Gungan. They then got held onto by robots, while Fisto and Anakin got electrocuted by eels.

Eel cages which were used to torture Kit Fisto and Anakin Skywalker on Mon Calamari.

Later, Tamson came back and asked them where was the prince, and Fisto replied that even if they knew, they would never tell him. Tamson then ordered a Quarren to electrocute Anakin, and told them that he would torture them no matter what, but Dooku wanted him to capture the prince, so he needed to know. He added that they may be holding back info that he needed, so he bit Padmé's helmet, allowing water to go in it. He then told them that there wasn't that much time now, and that he wanted them to tell him what he wanted to know. She then started trying to keep the water away from her face.

Just after, her helmet was halfway full of water, when Tamson stated that he then believed that they knew nothing. He then got a comlink, telling him to go to the throne room, and so he left. But before he did, Anakin told him that he needed to save Padmé, because they didn't know anything, and Tamson replied that didn't need to. Afterwards, Fisto and Anakin pushed the water away from her helmet, but when Anakin got electrocuted, Jar Jar spit something at Padmé, filling her helmet. Anakin then asked Jar Jar what he did, and he replied that it was Gungan water pooping, and said it was the reason why they swam so good.

Soon Later, they were still suffering, when she asked Jar Jar where they were going, since she couldn't see anything. He then asked an aqua droid where they were taking them, and it replied that they were going to the prince's execution. They then saw Karkarodon circling the prince and Anakin asked Ahsoka what happened and she replied that it was part of the plan. Anakin asked if they could do anything and Ahsoka replied they couldn't and Anakin stated that he didn't like that plan. Tamson then ordered the prince's execution, and told the Karkarodon to kill the prince. Nossor Ri then saved the prince and they started shooting at the executors, while everyone else started defeating the aqua droids. Anakin was then saved by Ahsoka and he then saved Padmé. They then joined the Quarren and the Calamari in helping defeat the Separatists. After a while, they witnessed the prince kill Tamson.

Afterward in the throne room, they watched the prince's unification and he told everyone that he would be dedicated to serve the Mon Calamari and the Quarren, who just rejoined the Republic. After that speech he got promoted to a king.

Shadow Warrior

Padmé assists Anakin after the Republic traded General Grievous for the Jedi Knight.

When rumors spread about a Gungan/Separatist attack on Theed, Padmé went back to Naboo to investigate the situation with Anakin. While heading to the Gungan underwater capital, they contacted Jar Jar about the situation, and he stated that things were getting bad in the city. Anakin replied that he and Padmé knew about the problem, and that that was the reason why they were going there. When they landed, they saw Jar Jar arrive on an underwater ship. Anakin then asked Jar Jar what was happening and added that they were hearing rumors about an attack on Theed. Padmé asked if the Gungans were really going to lead an attack on the planet's capital city, and Jar Jar replied that the leader, Boss Lyonie was giving speeches that blamed the Naboo citizens for everything, but he didn't believe it was true. Padmé and Anakin agreed that it wasn't true, and Anakin told him that they had to talk with Lyonie, so Jar Jar took them to the underwater city.

When they arrived to see Lyonie, they went in right in the middle of his speech and Roos Tarpals came over and Jar Jar told him that the situation was getting pretty bad, and Roos told them that he hoped they could fix it. After everyone left they went over to Lyonie, who told her that if she was going to talk him out of attacking Theed, it wouldn't work. Padmé then stated that Lyonie's choice was based on lies, and that he had to make his troops stand down. Lyonie then said something crazy, and Jar Jar told her that the boss was acting weird. Anakin then whispered that Lyonie looked like he was possessed, and Padmé replied that the boss seemed to be under someone's control. The boss told them to stop whispering to each other, and that they should leave the city. Anakin then noticed that Lyonie's necklace was the problem, and took it off of him. Just then, Lyonie didn't remember anything and Anakin asked him who gave him the necklace, and Lyonie replied that it was Rish Loo.

Boss Lyonie, leader of the Gungan community during the Clone Wars

When they went to meet Loo, the boss told them to stay at the bottom of the stairs, and that he would go confront Loo alone, and Anakin told him that they would stay right there. Soon after Lyonie went in, Anakin told her something was going on, so they went up to see what was going on. Once they made it there, they were attacked by Droid Commandos, and one of them tackled Padmé down the stairwell. Right after she defeated the droid, Loo came running down the stairs, with Anakin in pursuit, who told her that he would go after Loo and that she had to go to the boss, who had been stabbed by Loo. So she headed back up the stairwell.

Soon later, they were in a hospital area and she was talking with Jar Jar, who was pretty upset over the incident. Anakin asked how was Lyonie, and she replied that they stopped the bleeding, but the boss was unconscious. Anakin then told them that the Gungans were still ready to assault Theed, since Lyonie never got to call off the invasion. He also told Jar Jar that the Gungans would listen to him, but Jar Jar said that the species wouldn't. Jar Jar then put on Lyonie's crown and they noticed that Jar Jar looked exactly like Lyonie. Anakin told Jar Jar that he had to impersonate Boss Lyonie for the army to stand down, but Jar Jar said that they wouldn't listen to him. But, Anakin then told him that he knew they wouldn't listen to him, but they would listen to Lyonie.

The next day, General Tarpals informed her that General Grievous was on Naboo. She asked Tarpals where Anakin was, and he replied that Anakin was chasing down Loo. Padmé then told him that they had to capture Grievous. Tarpals then asked how would they, because there were a lot of droids with the general. Padmé replied that the droids still thought the Gungans were still working with the Separatists, so they had to shut down the droids and then attack Grievous. Tarpals then said that they would do it, and Padmé thanked him.

After Grievous was captured, Jar Jar asked her where Anakin was, since he was gone a long time, and she replied that she didn't know. All of the sudden they got a message from Count Dooku, who said that he had captured Anakin, and Padmé then asked him what did he do to Anakin. She also asked what did the Separatist leader want. Dooku then said that he would give them Anakin in trade for General Grievous. She told him that she couldn't give him Grievous, and he started torturing Anakin, and she told him that since they weren't torturing Grievous, he couldn't torture Anakin. Afterward, Jar Jar asked why they weren't going to trade, since Anakin was their friend, and she replied that since they had Grievous they could win the war with him captured. Jar Jar and Lyonie both then agreed that they had to trade with Dooku, so she said that they would trade.

When they traded, they got Anakin, who said he was sorry, but she said it was all right. After Lyonie and Neeyutnee thanked Jar Jar, they all went away to an unknown destination.

A Friend in Need

Padmé with the others at the meeting

Padmé, Bail Organa, and Mon Mothma held negotiations with the Separatists on Mandalore, the peace talks intended to end cease the hostilities that gripped the galaxy. In a summit at the Sundari palace the Republic representatives met with CIS delegates, to break the thick ice between the two sides Amidala opened by saying that both sides had experienced the tragic consequences of the war and that they couldn't change what had already occurred but that they could change the future by moving for piece. Voe Attell, a Separatist senator said that as a representative for the Chancellor, they would only be satisfied if the Republic acknowledged the Separatist state as legitimate. Just afterward, Lux Bonteri came into the room and said that he had to say something about the Confederacy's "legitimacy". Ahsoka, who arrived with Padmé said to her that she didn't know Lux would be there on Mandalore, and Padmé replied that she didn't know about Lux arriving. Duchess Satine then allowed Lux to speak where he claimed that Count Dooku murdered his mother, Mina Bonteri. The representatives of the Separatists then ordered droids to capture Lux, and take him away. But Satine told them to release Bonteri, to which Attell replied that they would like to deal with the problem themselves. Padmé then told Ahsoka to go save Lux from being killed by Dooku.

Crisis on Naboo

Queen Neeyutnee, Padmé and her staff greet Palpatine on Naboo.

Under the leadership of Count Dooku and Separatist operative Moralo Eval bounty hunters Cad Bane, Derrown, Embo, Rako Hardeen (Obi-wan Kenobi in disguise), and Twazzi prepared to capture Palpatine at the Naboo Festival of Light. Attending the event Padmé welcomed Anakin, Ahsoka, Mace Windu, and Chancellor Palpatine when they arrived on the planet. Anakin told them that they were expecting a large crowd of people, so it would be hard for Dooku to attack, but was sure an attack was going to happen, to Padmé's dismay. Skywalker also ordered Ahsoka to be Amidala's bodyguard and when she asked where he would during the event he replied that would be where he almost always was. Ahsoka and Padmé then joked about him saving the day. When the festival began, Padmé was with the other leaders listening to the Chancellor's speech, but after the fireworks, the bounty hunters attacked, so she, Ahsoka and the other leaders ran from the area. When the danger had seemingly ended she thanked them for saving Palpatine, and told them that the citizens of Theed were in their debt. While Anakin and Obi-Wan battled Dooku, she checked on Palpatine to see if he was all right. After Dooku escaped they returned to the palace.

The Wrong Jedi

Anakin and Padmé talking to Ahsoka in her cell.

After Ahsoka was caught with the nano droids and accused of killing Letta Turmond, Padmé supported Ahsoka in court. They first trialed Tano in the Chamber of Judgement. Although Tano told the truth, the Council expelled her from the Jedi Order. Senator Amidala had decided to speak on her behalf, but it did no good.

The Court believed Tarkin. But just when Ahsoka was about to be pronounced guilty, Anakin Skywalker burst in surrounded by Temple guards. Skywalker told everyone that he had found the true saboteur, and from the temple guards emerged one of Ahsoka's closest friends, Barriss Offee. Ahsoka was shocked that Offee could frame her.

Death & funeral

In 19 BBY, after failing to bring Darth Vader back to the light on Mustafar, she was taken to the asteroid of Polis Massa to prepare for the labor of Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa. It was not long until one of the medical droids told Obi-Wan, Bail, and Yoda that she lost the will to live as in a code of dying with her final words of good still inside Anakin. Her corpse was taken back to her home planet to ensure that she will be given a proper funeral on the planet capital.