The Clone Wars

Savage Opress choking the Sassi in Plop Dribble's.

Plop Dribble's was a diner which was known to encounter many hostile patrons on the planet Stobar owned by Loubo.

When Savage Opress entered the diner a droid tried to take his order. When she didn't understand what he wanted she passed the job onto her human waitress, Sassi. However, when Sassi attempted to get a closer look at Savage's talisman, he began to viciously strangle her. And when Loubo saw this, he ran at the dark acolyte in an attempt to stop him, but Savage threw Sassi at him and escaped through the rear exit.

After loosing sight of Opress, Loubo returned inside where he saw Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano aiding the wounded waitress, but, still shaken from the event, threatened them until he was told to stand down by one of the police droids. Loubo apologized to the Jedi and offered them a meal at the diner.