The Clone Wars

The Poletecs were a species of purple or tan-skinned, slim, lanky humanoids native to the planet Skako Minor.


By the time of the Clone Wars they still led a primitive lifestyle. The Techno Union took advantage of that, and enslaved the population. They used the Poletecs as test subjects, killing off many. The Poletecs ended up forming an alliance with the Galactic Republic and, when  attacked by the Techno Union's droid forces, they fought, not willing to give up their village. However many Poletecs were brutally killed; most being killed by Octuptarra tri-droids. Eventually, they ended up winning the battle, though their losses were heavy. And the survivors cheered in their native tongue. The Poletec chief later thanked the Republic for their help, and said they would always have an ally on Skako Minor.