The Clone Wars

"No, I was hungry. I went back to the mess."
―Punch states his alibi[src]

"Punch" was the nickname of a Clone Trooper who served in Clone Sergeant Slick's platoon during the Clone Wars. In 21 BBY, he was dispatched with a Jedi-led contingent of the Grand Army of the Republic to liberate the planet Christophsis from the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Punch joined his unit on reconnoitering the planet for a strategical ambush site, but the Confederacy was able to ambush the Republic forces. After the clone troopers returned to the base, Punch and fellow trooper Sketch went to the mess hall. When Captain Rex and Commander Cody interrogated the members of Slick's platoon to locate a possible Confederate spy, Punch and Sketch served as each other's alibis. Sergeant Slick himself was revealed to be the turncoat and was apprehended.