The Clone Wars
This article contains non-canonical content and does not remain consistent to the official Star Wars: The Clone Wars universe. The information in this article is not a reliable source for factual information regarding the events that occurred during the Clone Wars.

The Resolute acts as the hub world for the game LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars. It can only be visited after the player completes the Geonosian Arena Prologue. On the Resolute, you can access all of the game's main functions including the mission select screen and Ground Assaults. It is also the place to purchase characters, purchase vehicles, buy extras, view minikits, and create custom characters.

Red Bricks[]

Extras can only be purchased by uncovering red power bricks. Red Bricks are scattered about the Resolute and most of the time require the use of character special abilities to unlock.

Brick Ability Location
Red Brick Detector (125,000) Points out the direction of red bricks by using red arrows. Use the small character chute on the left side of the bridge.
Minikit Detector (750,000) Points out the direction of Minikits by using red arrows Activate the astromech droid panel in the minikit bay.
Character Studs (100,000) Characters will release studs when defeated Deactivate the ray shields in the brig to open up multiple small rooms. Slam attack the plating in the back of every room to activate several panels. Use the panels to make the red brick appear.
Stud Magnet (500,000) Draws in nearby studs, making them easier to collect Use a rapid fire weapon to destroy all of the silver objects in the Reactor Chamber
Fast Build (500,000) Allows the player to build objects with increased speed Attack the punching bag in the Turbo Laser Bay five times
Fast Saber Cut (300,000) Allows characters with lightsabers to cut through walls with increased speed. Use a sniper rifle to blast all three sniper targets in the Hangar Overlook
Glow in the Dark (25,000) Lights up the area around the character making it easier to see in dark places Attack the beds in the Medical Bay
Super Speeders (40,000,000) Makes all speeders in Ground Assaults invincible and able to destroy both silver and gold structures In the Minikit Bay, use Jar Jar Binks to jump onto a capsule and then jump onto the nearby balcony. Break the boxes at the right end of the balcony to reveal a grappling hook. Use a character with rockets to grapple up to the balcony and break the silver object.
Score x2 (500,000) Multiplies the value of studs by 2
Score x4 (3,000,000) Multiplies the value of studs by 4
Score x6 (10,000,000) Multiplies the value of studs by 6
Score x10 (40,000,000) Multiplies the Value of studs by 10