"Mesa able to persuade the officers to allow the Separatist Army easy access into Naboo."
―Rish Loo[src]

Rish Loo was one of the advisors for Boss Lyonie during the Clone Wars.


Rish tampered with Lyonie's mind using a magic necklace causing him to take his advise to march on Theed. When Anakin Skywalker saw this, he removed the necklace given to him by Loo. Lyonie, Skywalker and Amidala then went to confront him. Loo called upon some Commando Droids and while the Jedi and Senator was busy fighting them, Loo took the opertunity to stab Lyonie, injuring him and fleed via Boga. When he was up on the surface, he continued to rally the Gungan forces to attack before Jar Jar Binks, dressed as Lyonie came and told everyone the truth, causing them to try to attack Loo. Loo took a speeder and headed off towards Dooku's secret base, followed by Skywalker. After General Grievous was captured and Roos Tarpals was killed, Dooku sent a message to Loo to leave a trail for Skywalker to follow so they could capture him and exchange him for Grievous. When Loo and Skywalker arrived, Loo reported to Dooku that Skywalker was with him. Count Dooku stood up and plunged his lightsaber through Rish Loo's chest, killing him, because he was finished with him.



  • It has been noted by some that Rish Loo's Name bears a resemblance to the cardinal in The Three Musketeers, Richelieu.
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