Robonino was a Patrolian bounty hunter who previously worked with Cad Bane and Chata Hyoki. He was an expert when it came to explosives and technoloogy, and could hack into heavily guarded security systems.

Appearance and Equipment

Robonino was a smalle blue-puple skinned Patrolian who wore an eyepatch. As for clothing, he wore a tan and dark green colored outfit and wore an energy pack on his back.

Hostage Crisis

Robonino assisted in breaking into the Senate Building with Cad Bane and the rest of his group. He was able to hack into the building's power systems, which created panic among the unwary Senators.
Robonino shocking Skywalker

Robonino stuns Anakin

Robonino's greatest achievement came later, as Shahan Alama was pursuing Anakin Skywalker throughout the Senate Building corridors. As he did so, Robonino took the Chosen One on single-handedly, and swiftly defeated the powerful Jedi Knight with nothing but a stun baton, Anakin's unconscious body falling defeated at a victorious Robonino's feet. After successfully retrieving Ziro the Hutt, he left the Senate Building along with the rest of the group.

Pursuit of Peace

Now hired by Count Dooku Robonino worked with Chata Hyoki to help a pass a bill by assassinating any senators who opposed it. Many of their targets included Senators Amidala and Organa. They chased Padmé on speeders but after a long struggle Padmé escaped, they then surrounded Organa in a car park, but the senator who had expected the ambush called in his guards. While Hyoki fought the guards in a firefight Robonino attempted to escape on his speeder, but a Police Droid car drove right into Robonino's speeder, sending him flying high in the air to the floor knocking him out cold.The two bounty hunters where then taken into custody.


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