The Clone Wars

Samson was a Clone Trooper who served in the Clone Wars and later joined the Clone Underground resistance movement during the reign of the Galactic Empire. He was part of Clone Captain Rex's security detail for a clandestine meeting between senator Riyo Chuchi and former Separatist senator Avi Singh on Pantora. During the meeting, the clones were ambushed by Clone Assassin CX-1 who attempted to kill the senators. Rex and Howzer prevented this and captured the assassin, bringing him back to their base on Teth for questioning.

Samson and another trooper patrolled the exterior of the base as a second assassin, sent to silence CX-1, planted charges on the group's Rho-class shuttles before moving in. As the assassin attacked, he detonated the charges outside, destroying the shuttles and killing Samson in the blast.


The Bad Batch[]