The Clone Wars

"Mistress Nala Se, welcome. We are all admirers of your scientific talents. The Empire has big things planned for you."
―This medical officer to Nala Se[src]

Doctor Scalder was a scientist who worked at Mount Tantiss, the secret Imperial cloning facility on Wayland. She and her colleagues were admirers of the cloning techniques of the Kaminoans, particularly those of doctor Nala Se, who was brought to the facility following the destruction of the facilities at Tipoca City. Scalder welcomed Se and told her the Empire had big plans for her. Se was then escorted into the facility by a pair of Clone Commandos.

Behind the scenes[]

Scalder first appeared in Star Wars: The Bad Batch during the season one finale, "Kamino Lost," where she was only identified as "Medical Officer" in the credits. She was later named in the credits of the season two episode "Metamorphosis." She is voiced by Helen Sadler.


The Bad Batch[]