The Clone Wars
Separatist Supply Ship
Manufacturer: Hoersch-Kessel Drive Inc.
Class: Supply ship
Technical Information
Length: 908.78 meters
  • Point-defense laser cannons

B1 Battle Droids

The DH-Omni Support Vessel, also known as a Separatist Supply Ship, was a Separatist cargo ship designed to provide armed shipments and supplies. They enabled fleets to accomplish long missions without having to retreat or stop in order to re-supply, and could carry massive quantities of weapons and ammunition. One of them supplied the Umbaran forces in the capital city during the Battle of Umbara.



The bridge of a Separatist Supply Ship.

The Supply ship consisted of two massive hemispheres that were connected by a large bridge. On the command tower were twin command bridges, that housed all the command systems of the ship. A large hangar ran through each hemispheres, from the exterior to the main reactors. That hangar was patrolled by B1s, and was tall and had numerous claws connected to the ceiling, destined to carry heavy equipment and supplies. A blast door protected the hangar deck and a ray shield could be activated in front of the reactors, which was able to withstand multiple missiles from Umbaran Starfighters.



Fives, Jesse, and Hardcase infiltrate the hangar of the Supply Ship over Umbara.

A Separatist Supply ship was used in Umbara space to provide support for troops in Umbaran capitol. Fives, Jesse, and Hardcase disobeyed orders from Jedi General Pong Krell to attack the Supply Ship, an effort in which they succeeded.

They were also used in the Battle of Dathomir to supply the Separatist fleet that invaded the Dathomir system. A pair of Separatist Supply Ships were present during the Battle of Scipio to support Count Dooku during his mission to Scipio. After Dooku left in his command ship, the Supply Ships pulled back with them.