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"I am a Jedi. Where the individual and the group are one of the same. Much like you clones."
―Shaak Ti to Echo and Fives[src]

Shaak Ti was a female Togruta Jedi Mistress who fought in the Clone Wars. In addition to her role on the Jedi High Council, Shaak Ti was also in charge of overseeing Clone Trooper training on Kamino. As a result, during the war she often spent her time on Kamino.

Battle of Hypori

"Never have we been out-maneuvered by droids. His strategies are without flaw."
"This is the end. We're all doomed!
―Shaak Ti and Sha'a Gi about Grievous[src]

Jedi Council members Shaak Ti and Ki-Adi-Mundi led the republic campaign against the separatist forces on Hypori with fellow jedi Aayla SecuraK'KruhkDaakman BarrekSha'a Gi and Tarr Seir. Here, General Grievous would make his first intentional appearance to the Jedi leadership commanding a great army of super battle droids toward the cusp of victory. After a few days of intense ground battle, the republic forces were wiped out leaving only a few remaining exhausted Jedi Generals, which included Shaak Ti. They took cover in the wreckage of one of their cruisers and Grievous commanded a ceasefire, intending to engage the Jedi himself. In the ferocious duel that followed, Grievous slew the Jedi survivors, leaving only Mundi, Secura and Ti alive. With the help of ARC trooper Commander Fordo, Ti and the other 2 Jedi managed to escape the battlefield. Both Ti and Secura were left in a critical condition, suffering severe wounds which required respirators, intensive care and bacta treatment in the days afterwards.  

Clone Cadets

"Today is your graduation. From here, you ship out to fight against the Separatists and restore peace to the galaxy. Congratulations. You are no longer cadets. You are troopers. May the Force be with you."
―Shaak Ti, addressing the newest batch of clone troopers[src]

Shaak Ti, along with bounty hunters Bric and El-Les, observed clone cadets' training on Kamino. Ti noted a particular squad of clones had trouble running the Citadel Challenge course. On the night the squad failed their graduation test, Troopers Echo and Fives approached her, and requested transfer to Bravo Squad from Domino Squad. The lovely Jedi Mistress denied their request but, instead, mentioned that she would allow Domino Squad to retake the final test. Amazingly, Domino Squad did even better than their previous attempt, having overcome each other's differences, and worked together to complete the test. Expressing her own surprise at their improvisation, Ti commented that the troopers of Domino Squad may be some of the best she had ever seen.

Later, Shaak Ti led the graduation ceremony of the newest batch of Clone troopers.

ARC Troopers

Shaak Ti participated in the Third Battle of Kamino, coordinating defensive efforts from Tipoca's command center. She destroyed a company of Aqua Droids with ease when they invaded the command center and later assisted the Clone troopers in pushing back the last of the Separatist forces.

Personality and traits

A skilled warrior, Shaak Ti was an adept lightsaber-wielder with mastery over the classical lightsaber forms II Makashi and IV Ataru, which afforded her the reputation of being one of the Jedi Order's most prestigious duelists. This, combined with her force power and mastery over a range of abilities, made her a powerful member of the order and a daunting opponent. Shaak Ti was also a dangerous and militaristic Jedi, one of the best strategists and battle tacticians of the order as a Jedi High General and Council member- being one of the 9 chosen leaders of the 250 member Jedi strikeforce deployed on Geonosis in the opening battle of the Clone War. She was also trusted to safeguard the defenses of Kamino and the Jedi Temple and to protect the Supreme Chancellor in the Battle of Coruscant. Yet, Ti remained humble, preferring negotiation to fighting. However, when the situation called for it, Ti did not hesitate to engage in combat.

Ti held traits that were true to that of a Jedi; a cunning, wise, kind, humble, patient and compassionate Jedi, viewing the Clone troopers as human beings, not objects, Ti was also forgiving; she saw potential in Domino Squad and, despite their numerous failures, allowed them to retake the final test.



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