The Clone Wars

"He said the Jedi will always have an ally here on Skako Minor."
Poletec leader, as translated by Tech[src]
"The Techno Union owns everything on this planet, including the primitives."
Wat Tambor, in the story reel for "On the Wings of Keeradaks"[src]

Skako Minor (also known simply as Skako) was a planet, that was the homeworld of the Poletec species and was the headquarters of Techno Union during the Clone Wars. The world had a very turbulent atmosphere.


The planet was adorned from space in yellowish colors. Skako Minor was dominated by a thick, hazy, and dazzling yellowish mist, which may also explain the yellowish color of the planet seen from the space. The weather was temperate, but the most common meteorological events were electrical storms.

Landing on the planet could have been a difficulty for starships and their pilots because the planet was dominated by natural elements that rattled and jostled the ships during landing.

The surface of the planet was dominated by rocky mountains, canyons, craters, caverns and fungal forests. The planet’s atmosphere consisted largely of hydrogen sulfide, which had a unique atmospheric pressure.

The hydrogen sulfide was smelled like rotten eggs and was lethal to humans and other humanoid species of similar structure. Although the planet appears to have had a chemical element that outsiders could inhale, in most parts of the planet, outsiders had to wear a respirator.