The Clone Wars
Space Gunship
Space gunship-CR
Manufacturer: Rothana Heavy Engineering
Class: Gunship
Technical Information
Length: 17.4 meters
  • 3 Anti-personnel laser cannons
  • 2 Mass-driver missile launchers

2 pilots

The Space Gunship was a type of LAAT Gunship utilized by the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars, most notable of which were the Plo's Bros gunships of the 104th Battalion.


Space Gunships were identical in appearance to LAAT Gunships except for floodlights which occupied their bubble turret sockets, and they had pressurized cabins. Unlike most LAAT Gunships which were intended for deploying troops within a planet's atmosphere, Space Gunships were specially designed for travel in a vacuum.

Behind the Scenes[]

The name and model "Space Gunship" was first stated in the online episode guide for Citadel Rescue, explaining the Plo's Bros gunship's sealed cabin and floodlights. However, Gunships outfitted with these lights reappeared later in the series, but not in space; additionally, Gunships without floodlights have appeared in space. Whether or not floodlights are a distinguishing characteristic of Space Gunships has yet to be verified.