The Clone Wars
The Clone Wars

The first season of Star Wars: The Bad Batch consists of sixteen episodes. It debuted with "Aftermath", a special 70-minute premiere, on May 4, 2021 on Disney+, and concluded with "Kamino Lost" on August 13, 2021.


The series follows the elite and experimental clones of the Bad Batch (first introduced in The Clone Wars) as they find their way in a rapidly changing galaxy in the immediate aftermath of the Clone War. Members of Bad Batch -- a unique squad of clones who vary genetically from their brothers in the Clone Army -- each possess a singular exceptional skill, which makes them extraordinarily effective soldiers and a formidable crew. In the post-Clone War era, they will take on daring mercenary missions as they struggle to stay afloat and find new purpose.


On July 13, 2020, announced an all-new animated series set to debut on Disney+ in 2021 titled Star Wars: The Bad Batch. On December 10, 2020, the official Star Wars YouTube channel released a sizzle reel for the series, alongside announcements of several other Star Wars TV series airing on Disney+.


The first season of Star Wars: The Bad Batch debuted with "Aftermath", a special 70-minute premiere, on May 4, 2021 on Disney+, with subsequent episodes releasing on Fridays from May 7, 2021. It concluded with "Kamino Lost" on August 13, 2021.


TBB S1 E1.jpg

1.01 | May 4, 2021
As the Clone War comes to an end, the Bad Batch face tough choices in a changing galaxy...

TBB S1 E2.jpg

1.02 | May 7, 2021
Hunter and the Bad Batch seek refuge with an old friend. But they quickly discover there are no more safe havens.

TBB S1 E3.jpg

1.03 | May 14, 2021
The Bad Batch make an unexpected stop, while the Empire introduces its own elite squad.

TBB S1 E4.jpg

1.04 | May 21, 2021
The Bad Batch make a pit stop for repairs and rations. Little do they know, however, that it's not just the Empire hunting them.

TBB S1 E5.jpg

1.05 | May 28, 2021
Following a clash with a bounty hunter, the team takes on a job in exchange for intel and credits.

TBB S1 E6.jpg

1.06 | June 4, 2021
Cid hires the Bad Batch for another job, and it doesn't go quite as planned.

TBB S1 E7.jpg

1.07 | June 11, 2021
A mysterious visitor comes looking for the Bad Batch.

TBB S1 E8.jpg

1.08 | June 18, 2021
While the Bad Batch look to pay off their debts, Crosshair closes in.

TBB S1 E9.jpg

1.09 | June 25, 2021
Secrets are revealed as the Bad Batch look to rescue Omega.

TBB S1 E10.jpg

1.10 | July 2, 2021
A new mission finds the Bad Batch helping a former enemy.

TBB S1 E11.jpg

1.11 | July 9, 2021
As the seeds of rebellion foment on an outer rim world, the Empire schemes to squash it.

TBB S1 E12.jpg

1.12 | July 16, 2021
The Batch is tasked with a dangerous mission.

TBB S1 E13.jpg

1.13 | July 23, 2021
When Cid runs into trouble, the Bad Batch are called in to help.

TBB S1 E14.jpg

1.14 | July 30, 2021
While on a job for Cid, the Bad Batch find themselves drawn into a new mission.

TBB S1 E15.jpg

1.15 | August 6, 2021
The Bad Batch look to rescue Hunter from their former friend.

TBB S1 E16.jpg

1.16 | August 13, 2021
As Tipoca City falls, the Bad Batch must figure out a way to survive -- and reckon with the choices of their former squadmate and brother.





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  • Jennifer Corbett
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  • Dave Filoni
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  • Brad Rau
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  • Alex Spotswood
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  • Matt Michnovetz
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