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Super Tactical Droids were a model of Battle Droid used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars, introduced around 20 BBY. They were considered the superior counterparts of standard Tactical Droids, compiling all available information and using it to formulate the most efficient plan of attack. Like them, they were merciless, considered human emotions to be a weakness, and believed humans were inferior to them for the same reason. However, unlike the T-series tactical droids, they were identified by given names rather than numbers.


Super Tactical Droids were programmed as logistics and intelligence behind the Separatist Droid Army's attacks. They commanded the battlefield from afar as the brains of it, and unlike OOM Commander Droids, were able to calculate battle plans and create war strategies. Their effectiveness, however, was balanced by their arrogance, which organics often found unsuitable.

As upgrades from previous regular Tactical Droids, Super Tactical Droids were also able to wield blasters accurately and were powerful in melee combat. In fact, one droid, Kraken, was able to beat down Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker before its destruction.

Known Super Tactical Droids


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