Naboo tactical droid

A tactical droid

T-series tactical droids were competent electronic commanders of the Droid Army. They were programmed to recognize battlefield tactics and to calculate the best possible outcomes. They were a necessity, considering that the CIS had very few organic military leaders when compared to the Republic. Tactical droids obeyed the highest in command, Dooku, over their respective leaders. They did not care for their organic counterparts and viewed them as inferiors. Their arrogant attitude made them effective in warfare but was a liability when working with organics.

Later in the Clone Wars, they were replaced with more effective units, the Super Tactical Droids. However, some still remained in combat, though they were few in number.


Some tactical droids had the word "Tactical" on their brow. Their rank presumably differed with color, like battle droids. Orange was a scout, or security squadron leader. Blue was a highly disposable, warrior or cavalry commander. Green was a general, or higher rank able to hold position in a Munificent-class star frigate. They were the same size as B2 super battle droids. Unlike OOM commander droids, tactical droids thought of themselves highly superior to other droids. In some circumstances, they would even destroy allied troops that blocked a victory or were otherwise, in the way.

Known Tactical Droids


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