The Clone Wars

"Sir, we intercepted a coded transmission between Senator Organa and the Jedi Council."
―TA-1313, to Count Dooku[src]

TA-1313 was a Tactical Droid who served the Confederacy of Independent Systems under Count Dooku during the Clone Wars.

Supply Lines[]

Early in the Battle of Ryloth, TA-1313 intercepted a coded Republic communication, the unscrambling of which revealed that the Jedi had enlisted Senator Bail Organa to travel to Toydaria. Organa was to negotiate with King Katuunko to allow the use of the planet for transfer of supplies to the subjugated people of Ryloth.


TA-1313 was originally believed to be TX-20 in Supply Lines, as the name was listed in the end credits. However, Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures released an expansion of "Card Assault", a trading card game, containing a card with an image of this droid named TA-1313.