The Clone Wars
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Tatooine was a desert planet within the Outer Rim, home to many species, criminals, and well known figures including Jabba the Hutt.


Many species and creatures dwelled on Tatooine. The most common were Tusken Raiders and Jawas, who lived in the far reaches of the Jundland Wastes and port cities including Mos Eisley and Mos Espa.


Most of the surface of Tatooine was covered in endless sand dunes with scattered settlements throughout. With the planet orbiting twin suns, less than one percent of the surface was composed of water; most residents of Tatooine received water from moisture vaporators.



Asajj Ventress was in a cantina on Tatooine, when she killed an annoying customer. However this was a member of a team of bounty hunters, so Ventress agrees to replace them.


Pre Vizsla, Bo-Katan, Maul and Savage Oppress come to Jabba's palace to talk about the Hutt cartel joining the Shadow Collective.