The Clone Wars

"What has happened to democracy…and why doesn't anyone seem to care?"
"Well, you do. Forgive me, my lady, you're not like most politicians.""
―Teckla Minnau to Padmé Amidala[src]

Teckla Minnau was a Human female who served as a handmaiden during the Clone Wars. She served under such Naboo politicians as Senator Padmé Amidala and Queen Kylantha.


Minnau continued to serve Amidala as a handmaiden during the war, and by around 21 BBY, Minnau had begun to raise children of her own. Because of the war, however, the district where her family lived had sparse access to running water and electricity, to the point that her children had no light to read or study by at night and could only bathe every two weeks. Yet despite these hindrances, Minnau remained a loyal aide to Amidala. Following a Senate debate on a proposed bill to escalate clone trooper production, Minnau accompanied Amidala from the Senate Building back to her office in the Republic Executive Building and brought back a datapad for her; she remained there while Amidala spoke with her close allies, Senators Bail Prestor Organa and Onaconda Farr, about defeating the troop proposal. A night later, when Amidala, bruised and battered after a run-in with bounty hunters, returned to her Naboo Embassy apartment, Minnau treated her facial wounds with an antiseptic. Although Minnau suggested that Amidala report the incident to the Jedi High Council, the Senator refused, as she knew that her assailants had been trying to prevent her from voting against the troop increase. Minnau provided moral support for Amidala, who was losing hope with her prospects of outvoting the bill, and at the Senator's request, Minnau stayed at the apartment to tell her about the war's effect on her family, a conversation that Amidala took to heart.