The Clone Wars
Temple of Eedit

The Template of Eedit.

"The Temple of Eedit serves only as a front for the military operations of the Republic. It is essential that we seize the temple if the Separatists ever hope to take control of that corner of the galaxy."
Dooku briefing Savage Opress about the Eedit Temple.[src]

The Temple of Eedit or the Eedit Temple was a large temple on the jungle planet of Devaron. It was viewed as the key to controlling the system, and was heavily guarded by Jedi during the early stages of the Clone Wars. During 21 BBY, the temple was protected by Roonan Jedi Master Hasley and his Nautolan Padawan Knox, along with Commander Trauma and a garrison of ARF troopers. Each one of them was killed when Savage Opress laid siege to the temple.


Years before the Clone Wars, the Jedi built the temple there mimicking the style one of the Coruscant Jedi Temple's four towers. Almost all controls in the sector vectored in at the Eedit Temple, making it incredibly valuable. During the second year of the Clone Wars, Count Dooku sent a small group of battle droids to take the temple being protected by Hasley and his men. Desperate to take Devaron, Dooku sent his newly trained Zabrak Sith Acolyte Savage Opress to wipe out the forces guarding the temple. Savage touched down on the planet, killing everything in sight. The planet was won by the Confederacy of Independent Systems, yet Delta Squad members Boss, Sev, Scorch and Fixer managed to recover Halsey's body and bring it back to Coruscant.