"For a guy who moves slow, you sure seem to stay a step ahead of me."
"Virtue of moving slowly is that one can always see the path ahead."
Ahsoka Tano and Tera Sinube[src]

Tera Sinube was a male Cosian Jedi Master during the Clone Wars. However, instead of serving in the war, he chose to become an expert on Coruscants criminal underground, and became an investigator.


Lightsaber Lost

When Ahsoka Tano had her lightsaber stolen, she was advised by Madame Jocasta Nu to ask for his assistance. He assisted her in searching the Jedi Archives to find the thief. They discovered that the thief was a Patrolian named Bannamu. Sinube chose to accompany Ahsoka on her quest to find her lightsaber. They first traveled to a noodle shop where they attempted to "buy" a lightsaber. Sinube questioned the owner of the restaurant, and discovered that the owner had a way of getting a lightsaber, but didn't actually have one. He informed the pair of Jedi where they could find the thief and Tano's lightsaber.

They traveled to the hotel where Bannamu was located, and were able to find his room. They interrogated him, and he eventually conceded the fact that he had sold his lightsaber to a Trandoshan named Nack Movers, though, only after Tano threatened bodily harm, which Sinube disapproved of. They next journeyed to Movers's apartment, where they found him dead. They were then visited by Ione Marcy, who had been hiding in the shadows. She told them she had been hiding from the men who killed Movers, but that was proved wrong when a Terellian Jango Jumper named Cassie Cryar was discovered in the bedroom of the apartment, in possession of the lightsaber. Tano contacted Sinube, and told him that she was in pursuit of Jumper. Sinube deduced that Marcy was lying, and she managed to escape through a window and board a speeder.

Sinube borrowed a BARC speeder from the police droids, and took his time pursuing Marcy. He eventually caught up to Tano, who had failed to catch Cryar. He slowly flew to the train station, where he knew that Cryar and Marcy were headed due to the tracking device that he had planted on Marcy. They met Cryar and Marcy at the station, and after Tano's pursuit on board a subtram, Sinube disarmed Cryar after a brief duel, returned Tano's lightsaber to her and had the thieves arrested.

Jedi Temple Bombing Crisis

One of the Jedi Temple's hangers was bombed in the year of 20 BBY. Tera Sinube was present at the time of the bombing. He attended the funeral of the fallen Jedi. When Anakin Skywalker found out that it was Barriss who bombed the Temple, they both fought outside of the Temple where Sinube was training younglings. The younglings and himself witnessed Anakin defeat Barriss.


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