One of the main goals of The Clone Wars Wiki, and most other wikis, is to increase our article count. The number of articles a wiki has shows how complete it is and the hard work users have put into creating it. Although a high article count is one of our main goals, we do not encourage the creation of uneccessary or irrelevant articles.

Below are some specifics to article creation.

Unacceptable articles

Below are a list of unnacceptable articles. These types of articles will be deleted if created.

  • Fanfiction articles
  • Articles not related to the Clone Wars
  • Articles covering an overly specific topic (Example: Personality of Anakin Skywalker)
  • Articles singularly created for images (Example: Cad Bane pictures). If you wish to add images about a certain character, add it to the gallery at the bottom of the page instead.
  • Duplicate articles
  • All articles containing reviews/opinions, gibberish, or personal advertisements
  • Articles with no content

Clone Wars related articles

Read through this next section carefully as it may seem confusing.

All articles related to Clone Wars related media are acceptable candidates for article creation, but not topics relating to the live action films or non-television series related media, even if they are related to the Clone Wars. Below are some examples.

  • An unacceptable article would be Battle of Kashyyyk. It did occur during the Clone Wars, but it has nothing to do with what was presented in the series. The same goes to topics like Utapau, Ultra Battle Droid, or Star Wars Battlefront II.
  • One of our acceptable articles would be Kano. He never made an appearance in the television series, but was seen in Republic Heroes, which was a game that was clearly based off of the events and information presented in the television series. The same goes to Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars, Card Commander, or television series based comics and novels. If you decide to create these type of articles, however, please add the Other Media template to the article. Also add the Non-cannon template to the article when necessary.

Creation Format

When an article is created, it must have at least the following:

  • The first time the name is written is to be in bold via the designated bold tool, not by linking it
  • Include a short summary of who or what the topic is in past tense. If there are 5 sentences or less in any given section of the article, then you should add the stub template
  • If it is a character, then add what information is known into a Character infobox
  • Add the proper categories

Remember, policies cannot be properly created by a single person, so if you feel that some information in this policy should be removed, added, or changed, please contact an administrator. HelmetsignatureTVLwriter 01:25, January 21, 2012 (UTC)

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