The Episode Policy is how you make (or edit) an episode article.


The EpisodeBox will help you make the information easier. It will have the name of the episode, and information about it (i.e. It aired July 1, 2000). You do the corresponding color for each season:

  • Season 1: Indianred
  • Season 2: Maroon
  • Season 3: Gray
  • Season 4: Blue
  • Season 5: Orange
  • Season 6: Orange
  • Legacy: Teal

Also remember to always set the text color as white.


You also need to add the quote. You use template "Quote" and type in the quote or saying of the episode. You do that right under the EpisodeBox.

The starter paragraph

The starter paragraph should state the basic information like this:

Downfall of a Droid is the sixth episode to air of the television series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, airing on November 07, 2008.

Official description

The official description from Star Or find the description from another site.

Brief Synopsis

A brief plot telling about the episode


For appearances, you do it in this order:

  • "Characters"
  • "Droid Models"
  • "Creatures" (if any)
  • "Locations"
  • "Events"

And list the categories in that order, and for each (characters, locations, etc.) use Level 3 heading. All appearances under each section should be in alphabetical order. Any special circumstances for an appearance should be noted immediately to the right of the appearance in small text. If the appearance was only a Mention, in the flashbacks or Newsreel, or if it is the first time it has appeared, please use the corresponding templates ({{Mention}}, {{Flashback}}, {{Newsreel}}, or {{First}}). For any other types of appearances (such as (Wreckage only)), use the small template.

And trivia if there is any.

That is the basic layout for an episode article. A good example is this.

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