The Event Policy is the general format of editing an event article.

Opening image and quote

"General Skywalker, we must reach the command post. Admiral Trench has sent for reinforcements. We must take that post before they arrive."
―Tiplee to Skywalker[src]

Event articles should have a relevant image at the very start of the article followed by a relevant quote (example above). If neither are available, then the article will start with the opening paragraph.

Opening paragraph

The opening paragraph should be a summary of the circumstances surrounding the event as well as who was involved. A full description of the event should follow in a separate section, titled "The battle", for instance. However, in some cases of an event with minimal information, such as the Sky Battle of Quell, the opening paragraphs can completely summarize.


The participants section should immediately follow the event's description. Copy and paste the text in the box below to create the participant grid. In the event of a third party involved, simply copy and paste another main participant line directly below the first two. The first participants are to be posted below the "Leaders" "Strength" and "Vehicles" headings, the second participants should be posted under the | after the headings, and all participants should be in bullet points in their respective sections. See the source mode of Defense of Cato Neimoidia for reference.

{| border="0" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" class="article-table" style="width: 650px;"
| style="text-align: center;"|PARTICIPANT 1
| style="text-align: center;"|PARTICIPANT 2

| '''Leaders'''


The event's outcome is to be posted under its participants in bullet points. If it is a battle/skirmish article, the victor should be posted first with the major effects posted as sub-points. If it is a mission, it will be the same as a battle except with "Success/Failure" in place of "victory". If a victory or success isn't entirely clear, then all the event's major outcomes should be posted as individual points.


  • Republic/Confederate victory
    • All Droids/Clone Troopers defeated


  • Success
    • Republic strike team destroys Skytop Station
    • Anakin Skywalker rescues R2-D2


  • Negotiations failed
  • Ahsoka Tano escapes with Lux Bonteri
  • Brief firefight ensues on landing pad


The respective casualties of each side should be under their own subheadings and then labeled as one of the following:

  • None
  • Light
  • Mild
  • Moderate
  • Heavy
  • Very heavy

If available, the specific losses should also be posted as bullet points. A good example of this is the Battle of Umbara.


Finally, as with all articles, any time any part of the event appeared should be noted in an Appearances section, whether it be in a flashback or a mention.

This covers the basics of how to structure Event Articles. If any of this seemed confusing, existing event articles can be used as reference unless otherwise noted. If you have further concerns, don't hesitate to contact an Administrator.

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