The Season 4 logo

Season 4 of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series was set to premiere September 16, 2011, marketed under the name Battle Lines. The season premiere consisted of the episodes Water War and Gungan Attack.

The majority of the episodes in Season Four involved various two- to four-episode-long story arcs. Episodes featured the return of several clone troopers, including Rex and Fives, as well as bounty hunters, including Cad Bane, Embo, and Boba Fett.

The season finale consisted of the episodes Brothers and Revenge, which served as continuations to the Nighsisters trilogy and marked the return of Savage Opress, and notably, Darth Maul. The logo was changed from its standard blue color to red for these final two episodes.


Episode No. Image Title Original Airdate
01 Epguide401 "Water War" September 16, 2011
02 Epguide402 "Gungan Attack" September 16, 2011
03 Epguide403 "Prisoners" September 23, 2011
04 Epguide404 "Shadow Warrior" September 30, 2011
05 Epguide405 "Mercy Mission" October 7, 2011
06 Epguide406 "Nomad Droids" October 14, 2011
07 Epguide407 "Darkness on Umbara" October 28, 2011
08 Epguide408 "The General" November 4, 2011
09 Epguide409

"Plan of Dissent"

November 11, 2011
10 Epguide410 "Carnage of Krell" November 18, 2011
11 Epguide411 "Kidnapped" November 25, 2011
12 Epguide412 "Slaves of the Republic" December 2, 2011
13 Epguide413 "Escape from Kadavo" January 6, 2012
14 Epguide414 "A Friend in Need" January 13, 2012
15 Epguide415 "Deception" January 20, 2012
16 Epguide416 "Friends and Enemies" January 27, 2012
17 Epguide417 "The Box" February 3, 2012
18 Epguide418 "Crisis on Naboo" February 10, 2012
19 Epguide419 "Massacre" February 24, 2012
20 Epguide420 "Bounty" March 2, 2012
21 Epguide421 "Brothers"

March 9, 2012

22 Epguide422 "Revenge" March 16, 2012

DVD Release

On July 2, 2012, Star announced Season 4 would be released on Blu-Ray and DVD on October 23, 2012. In addition to this, the behind-the-scenes special features of the release were announced as well, including the five special episode commentaries, special effects footage and extended/deleted scenes.


  • New Red logo

    Season 4 finale logo

    Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures released a campaign mini-game titled "Mission on Iceberg Three" on July 15th as an introduction to the Battle of Mon Calamari. Players were tasked with battling General Grievous and his forces on Iceberg III to stop Separatist advances in the Calamari system.
  • This was the first season to not have a trailer for the next season right after the finale.