"For the Republic!"

Thorn was a Republic clone commander of the Coruscant Guard during the Clone Wars.


Commander Thorn wore a red and white helmet with a black visor, which matched the coloring of the rest of his armor. He wielded a Z-6 rotary blaster cannon which he named "The Hammer".

Crisis at the Heart


Commander Thorn was in charge of the Coruscant Guard detachment that escorted Senator Amidala to Scipio. With a financial crisis at hand, the Republic was sent to the planet to aid in the negotiations. However, Rush Clovis took control of the Banking Clan and an attack on Scipio commensed. Thorn warned Amidala of the invasion as Droid Bombers descended on the landing platform. He ordered his men to evacuate but they were too late. Their gunships and cruiser were destroyed. Outnumbered, Thorn and the rest of the survivors made their last stand. Thorn managed to survive the longest before being surrounded and killed.



Cannon says "The Hammer"

  • Thorn is a direct homage to the Marvel Studios character, Thor: God of Thunder, along with his rotary cannon nicknamed "The Hammer". The character was created by Dave Filoni as so many members of the Clone Wars team, including director Leland Chee, were fans of the comic series and film, The Avengers.




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