"You can change who you are, but you cannot run from yourself."
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"Together Again" is the eighth episode of the seventh season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. It is the hundred and twenty-ninth episode of the series overall. It was released on April 10, 2020 on Disney+.


Captured by the Pykes once more, Ahsoka and the Martez sisters are running out of options.


Together Again Ahsoka Trace Rafa & Pikes 1

Ahsoka bargains for the Martez sisters' release.

Imprisoned by the Pykes once more, Ahsoka, Rafa, and Trace weigh their options for escaping. Rafa still blames Trace for dumping the spice while Ahsoka argues that it was Rafa's choice to accept this job in the first place. Trace agrees with Ahsoka, leaving Rafa feeling hurt and defensive that her sister sides with their new companion instead of her. Still uncertain of whether or not to reveal her true nature to the sisters, Ahsoka forms a new strategy for getting the sisters out. A guard then orders them out of their cell and brings them to the throne room.

Marg Krim demands to know where his spice shipment is and threatens to execute them if they do not deliver it. Ahsoka offers Krim a deal: allow Trace and Rafa to leave in their ship to retrieve the spice while Ahsoka remains behind as insurance. Should the sisters fail to return in one day, Ahsoka will tell the Pykes where to find their families. Krim agrees, assuring that Ahsoka will die slowly should they fail. The Martez sisters go along with the ploy and depart in the Silver Angel while Ahsoka is taken back to her cell. Fife doubts that the offer is genuine and Krim agrees, but both know the consequences of failing their master.

Together Again Trace & Rafa

Rafa bluffs to the dock workers to steal the spice shipment.

Meanwhile, Bo-Katan and her Nite Owls watch the ship depart without Ahsoka. Bo-Katan chooses to wait and watch what transpires. When the guards leave, Ahsoka once again uses the Force to escape the prison. Meanwhile, stopped at a refueling station, Trace and Rafa consider how they can get Ahsoka out. Knowing that Ahsoka doesn't truly have any leverage against their family, they realize that she gave herself up to save both of them. Rafa instead devises a plan to free Ahsoka. Trace is skeptical, seeing that her sister only wants to get even with Ahsoka, but agrees to help her.

Trace and Rafa return to Oba Diah posing as a spice transport coming in for a pickup to replace the shipment they lost. The workers at the Pyke loading dock find no record of the Martez sisters' pickup. Rafa claims that their shipment is a "special request" and pressures them into loading the spice anyway. Meanwhile, hoping to do some good by damaging the Pykes' operations, Ahsoka finds a bandolier of thermal charges and begins placing them around the spice processing plant.


Maul keeps Marg Krim and the Pykes on task.

While setting charges, she overhears a conversation between Krim and his master, Darth Maul, who has retained control of the Pykes through coercion by other members of the Shadow Collective, such as Crimson Dawn. Krim and Fife are uneasy about their alliance with Maul, though they have little choice. They are soon distracted when they learn that Ahsoka has escaped. Ahsoka sets charges in the operations center of the plant, first tracing Maul's transmission to learn his whereabouts. To her surprise, the call originated from Mandalore.

Together Again Ahsoka Surrounded

Ahsoka prepares to use the Force to fight the Pykes.

Suddenly, Krim and his guards return and surround Ahsoka. Krim demands to know her true identity. She uses the Force to fight the guards and attempts to escape, only to find herself outnumbered. With Krim believing her to be a Jedi, he has her stunned and returned to her cell. At the loading docks, the workers confirm that Rafa and Trace's shipment is not on their manifest. Rafa continues to bluff that the workers simply don't want to complete the order when their manager arrives: a large Trandoshan who seizes Trace and demands to see their authorization. Rafa attacks the manager while Trace fights back the workers. The Trandoshan overpowers Rafa and nearly throws her from a loading gantry, but she outmaneuvers him and detaches the platform, dropping the manager to his death. With the spice loaded, the sisters depart and return to the Pyke Palace.

Krim thanks the recaptured Ahsoka for her timing: the execution of a Jedi will restore the Pykes' reputation. Trace and Rafa return with the spice, but Krim revokes their earlier agreement as he believes they are working for the Republic. The sisters are in disbelief that Ahsoka is a Jedi while Krim prepares to execute the three of them. Right then, Ahsoka's charges explode, damaging the facility and giving the trio a window to escape in the Silver Angel. Krim orders the Pykes to pursue them in patrol ships. Trace argues with Ahsoka over not telling them her true identity as they flee, but Rafa suggests that she may as well use her Jedi abilities to help them escape.

Together Again Ahsoka & Trace

Ahsoka and the sisters mount their escape.

Manning the Angel's laser turret, she shoots down two of the patrol ships. The third one damages the gun and closes in. Trace swings the ship around a mountain and flies straight towards the remaining Pyke. The pilot panics and veers off to avoid a collision, crashing into a mountainside. Clear of their pursuers, Trace, Rafa, and Ahsoka depart from Oba Diah, with a Gauntlet Fighter following close behind.

Returning to Trace's repair shop, Ahsoka tells Trace and Rafa that the Pykes will likely not come after them if they believe they were working with a Jedi. The sisters once again ask why Ahsoka didn't tell them about her past before. Ahsoka admits that she was a Jedi but decided to leave the Order for "complicated" reasons. Even if she's no longer a Jedi, Rafa tells her that Ahsoka acts how she wanted the Jedi to be. The Martez sisters admit that they were in over their heads and thank Ahsoka for saving them.

Together Again Ahsoka Trace & Rafa

Trace and Rafa convince Ahsoka to help Bo-Katan.

Just then, Bo-Katan enters the workshop. Ahsoka recognizes her and warns the sisters to back away, but Bo-Katan states that she is there as an ally. She and the Nite Owls need Ahsoka's help with a common enemy: Maul. Ahsoka is reluctant to serve in a Jedi capacity again, but Trace encourages her to help as she helped them. Rafa says that this may be who Ahsoka is meant to be. Ahsoka decides to depart with the Mandalorians, leaving her bike at Trace's shop "just in case."





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