The Clone Wars
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Tracer was the nickname of a clone trooper who fought in the Shipyards of Gwori during the Clone Wars.


While Tracer and fellow pilot Warthog made a bet about the outcome of the mission of the Gwori Shipyards, Plo Koon and Tiin began to brief Hunter Squadron about the upcoming attack, informing them that the shipyards were in a system of canyons on the planet and that they would have to destroy them with the proton cannons on their Y-wing bombers. At the behest of Tracer's captain, Tiin revealed that they would be making an exact hyperspace jump between the Separatist blockade of Gwori and the planet itself, and Koon further explained that the risk of the jump was worth it because it would save the lives of countless clones and millions of beings. After the briefing, Warthog asked Tracer to rethink his bet. Shortly after, Hunter Squadron in their Y-wings, along with the Jedi Masters in their starfighters, prepared to jump, and Koon ordered them to make sure their navicomputers were all synchronized since if they were slightly off, they would come out before the blockade or inside the planet. Once all was ready, Tracer, serving as the gunner of Warthog's bomber, and Hunter Squadron jumped to hyperspace.