The Clone Wars

A trident drill underwater

Trident Drills, or Trident-class assault ships, were squid-like vehicles used by Separatist forces. They were capable of operating in both water and on land and even in space, where they acted as troop transports, much like MTTs. Trident drills were seen during the Third Battle of Kamino and the First Battle of Mon Calamari.


Trident landed-1-

Asajj Ventress's trident on Christophsis

Trident drills were large, brown, squid-like vehicles that could carry multiple battle droids at once. It was equipped with laser cannons and a sharp drill which could drill holes into structures so that it could deploy its troops. They were also armed with several large tentacles that were used to grasp on to buildings and swim swiftly underwater. Although they were fast, trident drills were generally lightly armored, at least compared to most other Separatist vehicles. They could easily be destroyed with a single shot from heavy weaponry such as RPS-6 rocket launchers. They also carried several variations of battle droids such as aqua droids and B2 super battle droids.