The Clone Wars
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The Trogodiles were cave-dwelling, sentient crocodylomorphs indigenous to Rattatak.


The Trogodiles were a sentient species of reptiles that matched a humanoid physiology: their body was bilaterally symmetrical, comprizing a torso with a single head, two arms and two legs. Trogodiles possessed hands with five digits each along with clawed feet featuring three digits forward and one back. Like most reptiles, they lacked hair. However, they did have a crest of scales that started behind the top of their heads and tapered towards the end of the neck. Their heads, which were flatish on the sides, had a wide, U-shaped snout filled with sharp fangs, revealing a red interior and pale yellow tongue when opened. Trogodiles have under bites. When the mouth was closed, some of the fangs would stick out.

Notable Trogodiles[]