The Clone Wars
Umbaranmhc detail

The Umbaran Mobile Heavy Cannon.

The Umbaran Mobile Heavy Cannon or MHC Juggernaut was a powerful artillery unit that was unseen by the Republic until the Battle of Umbara used by the Umbaran militia. The Mobile Heavy Cannon could be piloted by a single Umbaran soldier.

Structure and Equipment[]

The ray shielding of this juggernaut allowed it to withstand rocket barrage and other handheld weapons' fire, making it almost impossible to destroy by enemy soldiers alone. However a single weak spot existed directly beneath the unit allowing for a single rocket to pass through the gap in its shielding and cripple the MHC. It had several search lights to help the gunner navigate, a particularly useful feature considering that Umbara is a planet enveloped in near total darkness. Stationed near


The MHC's pulse cannon

these search lights were automatic laser cannons that could be used to lay down suppressing fire on enemy infantry. The center the gunner's control center was illuminated in a blue energetic shield much like the cockpit of an Umbaran starfighter. Atop the MHC was a sizable pulse cannon capable of decimating enemy ground forces. The pulse cannon had two modes: one which served in a mortar-like function (attacking enemy forces from a distance) and one which sprayed a deadly, wide electric beam that was capable of literally blasting through an enemy platoon. The unit's motion was brought about by it's numerous legs making the MHC similar in design to the Homing Spider Droid. In addition, the unit's massive legs could crush enemy forces close-range in battle.


The concept art design of the Umbaran MHC