The Clone Wars

"Twilight, this is Skywalker. Rendezvous in the south landing bay immediately for evacuation."
"Acknowledged, general. On my way."
―Anakin Skywalker and the pilot[src]

This clone pilot served in the 501st Legion and the Republic Navy during the Mission to Skytop Station. When R2-D2 when missing in battle, this trooper accompanied Anakin Skywalker, his padawan Ahsoka Tano, and Captain Rex to locate the missing astromech. They managed to track the droid to the Separatist listening post, Skytop Station, where the trooper took control of the Twilight while Anakin and his small team infiltrated the outpost. Once Skywalker had located R2-D2, he contacted the pilot ordering him to move the ship into a nearby hangar for extraction. Upon arrival, however, Rex reported that Ahsoka had engaged General Grievous to distract him.

As the pilot went along with the others to aid Tano, the traitorous astromech, R3-S6, cut them off from all exits from the hangar and summoned several Super Battle Droids and Vulture droids to attack them. The pilot, along with Rex and Denal, battled with the droid forces while R2 fought with R3-S6 and attempted to re-open the hangar door. After Ahsoka escaped Grievous and joined the group again, and Skywalker and Rex dispatched the attacking droids and detonated the explosive charges they had set on the reactor, R2 defeated R3 and opened the main hangar door, allowing the group to board the Twilight and the pilot flew the freighter away from the doomed station.


This clone trooper pilot wore standard white Phase I clone trooper armor and utilized a DC-15 blaster.