The Clone Wars

"Two Jedi in the control room? That is impossible. How could they have gotten past security?"
TX-21, after receiving a report from this spy[src]

This geonosian spy was a spy for the Confederacy of Independent Systems on Geonosis during the Clone Wars.


Around 22 BBY, this Geonosian was located in a droid foundry, which manufactured battle droids to the Separatist Droid Army, when it was surrounded by Galactic Republic forces. The spy was sleeping in a small hall in the catacombs beneath the foundry, when the Jedi Padawans Ahsoka Tano and Barriss Offee stumbled across the hall. The pair was tasked with destroying the main generator of the foundry, which would cause the whole factory to collapse.

When the Padawans tried to sneak past the hall, the sleeping Geonosian spy placed his hand on Barriss' head, who quickly stopped. The Jedi managed to escape and the pair continued their journey, but the Geonosian awoke only seconds after. Unsure about the situation, he armed himself with a Geonosian sonic blaster and started to follow the Jedi. He soon caught up with them, and, staying unseen, spied on the Padawans and heard them speaking about their mission to destroy the generator. The spy then quickly ran to report to Poggle the Lesser, who was conferring with his T-series tactical droid TX-21. Despite this, the generator was eventually destroyed by the Jedi, and the factory was ruined by the explosion.