The Clone Wars
Clone Wars Opening Title The subject of this article appeared only in the 2003 micro-series, Star Wars: Clone Wars, which is no longer part of the official Star Wars canon. Information on this page may not adhere to the continuity of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

This clone commander was stationed on the Venator-class star destroyer Impavid. He wore armor with red markings, a pauldron, and a jetpack.


During the Battle of Coruscant, in the final days of the Clone Wars, he led clone troopers along with Jedi General Saesee Tiin in a space jump to capture the Prosperous when the Impaved scuttled. His forces raided the bridge and took over the turbolaser controls.


His armor resembled ARC trooper Fordo's armor due to the red markings and pauldron. He utilized a jetpack and used a DC-15A blaster rifle.


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