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I am the leader of the Wiki, and you will do what I say!

Evanf is a bureaucrat of The Clone Wars Wiki. You should leave a message on this user's message wall if you have questions or concerns.

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"In the end, it's not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away."

Hey, I'm Evanf. If you need anything or have a problem with something, just leave a message on my wall. Thank you!

About Me

I live in the United States, came to the wiki 4 years ago, help built it up to what it is today. 

Wiki Admins

I would have to say thanks to the wiki admins -

  • TVL, for not giving up on this wiki long ago like the other wiki admins did, I have known you as long as you've been here, (remember when we were the only two editors :P) and you edited as much as you could and it grew, and more editors came spilling in. You are a great editor.
  • Bane, you are a great, mature, user with all you need to help anything grow. You are great at fixing my errors (and there are a lot) and you just are a great person all around, even though we've never talked besides about the Wiki.
  • Clone, you are extremely cool and you never seem to get frustrated, you are a great person and a great editor, I am happy that I get to work next to you, you are great.
  • Claws, you are a great editor and synopsis writer - I wish I could write like that! You were always a great user, I'm glad we decided to give you adminship, you definitely deserved all you got. I am also glad to work by you, you are cool.
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