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WalkingAwayFromTheOrder I can't stay here any longer.

This user has voluntarily left The Clone Wars Wiki indefinitely.

They may still contribute occasionally or under a different name.

Welcome to my page. You may have known me as a previous admin of this wiki and a former admin of Clone Wars Adventures Wiki. For typical reasons, though, I have quit Wikia editing and will not likely respond to any further messages left on my talk page regarding policies and editing. Ultimately, I have left Evanf and Bane7670 in charge, so please contact them for questions and concerns.

A note of thanks

I originally found this wiki abandoned, and with only a few partially completed and low quality articles. Now its been only a bit more than a year it's looking far better than I expected it to be. I would like to thank many users for making a great community and using their editing skills to help restore this wiki. Special thanks to our current bureaucrats, Bane7670 for being an overall great editor from the start, Evanf for cleanups and managing spotlights and such. Also to admins Legoclones for clearing out our major category issues, and Claws Bane for general content editing.

Thanks to all other users who edited here for your contributions and ability to follow this Wiki's rules and guidelines. I'll still be a fan of the Clone Wars.


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