The Clone Wars

A wampa

Wampas were occasionally found participating in gladiatorial fights on a number of Outer Rim planets.


Early during the Clone Wars, Asajj Ventress faced a wampa in the Cauldron, an infamous gladiatorial arena on the rocky planet of Rattatak. She hoped to persuade Count Dooku to accept her as his Sith apprentice by displaying her combat abilities. In similar fashion, the Jedi Master Luminara Unduli faced off against a wampa in gladiatorial style combat while in the Arena of Doom, a gladiator stadium owned by Mondo-Mod the Hutt. The Hutt had his wampa contestant shipped in directly from Hoth. Without using her lightsaber or her Force abilities, Unduli defeated the beast by jumping, grabbing its horns, and flipping it. She attributed her victory to simple physics. For her victory over the wampa and subsequent opponents, Mondo-Mod revealed to her the location of a Separatist Droid Army factory on the planet Diorda.