The Clone Wars

The War Faction was a political faction within the Separatist Congress of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, which was based in the Separatist Senate Building on the planet Raxus during the Clone Wars. The faction was led by the Corporate Alliance's Senator Voe Atell and aimed to extend and even escalate the war with the Galactic Republic.

Many of the faction's senators believed that the Republic must be completely destroyed before the Confederacy could live in peace. Others felt moral obligation to free the worlds under the Republic's control from what they saw as tyranny. Some senators joined the faction because they represented worlds that benefited from military contracts during the war.

Notable members[]

Presumed members[]

Behind the scenes[]

The Peace Faction first appeared in "Heroes on Both Sides", a 2010 episode of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars. It was first identified in Rise of the Separatists, a 2019 supplement to Fantasy Flight Games' series of Star Wars roleplaying products.